What does the duodenum do in the digestive system?

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It is part of the small intestine and is responsible to distribute bile, pancreatic acids, and other secretions from other glands as a collection of acids and aid in the distribution of these acids into the digesting food matter. This is a further breakdown of fats and other nutrients in nourishing the body. The duodenum releases chyle or chyme that commences the acid soup mix.
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What digestive enzymes are produced in the duodenum?

The duodenum does not actually produce any digestive enzymes, it produces chemicals that are called buffers. The most important are the Brunner's Glands (duodenal glands) whic

Why is the duodenum consired the meeting point for digestion?

The duodenum is the first part of the intestine; it is the place that the stomach empties it's contents into. Along with that, the duodenum is an essential digestion site. The
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What happens in the duodenum during digestion?

Food is broken down in the stomach, using acids. Food then travels tot he small intestine aka "Duodenum". That is where most of the digestion takes place. Inside the small int