What does the french proverb a black hen lays a white egg mean?

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It's similar to "Don't judge a book by its cover". What you perceive from how something appears, may not be what it truly is.
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Why do hens lay eggs?

Hens do not lay eggs for humans to eat. They lay eggs to reproduce.Humans just learned that they were a healthy food source and madethem a part of their diets and everyday meals. One view Because roosters cannot. Another view Laying eggs is nature's way for chickens to reproduce. They layeggs co (MORE)

How do you have hens lay eggs?

Hens will lay eggs all by themselves when they are old enough. Many breeds start at about 5 months old and can continue for years but production usually declines after the first 15 months. When a chick reaches 5 months old they are fed a seed mix called "mash" which has the right mix of proteins and (MORE)

How can you get a hen to sit on eggs she lays?

Sorry, nobody can make a hen set on her eggs. Either she will or she won't, a lot of it depends upon her breed. Commercial layers are less likely to incubate their eggs than heritage breeds.

In what season do hens lay eggs?

spring, summer, and early fall. only in the warm seasons, never in the winter. Eggs are laid all year long including the middle of winter. Eggs are laid according to the light available and not based on the season. When seasonal light is reduced then a light can be placed in the chicken coop to ens (MORE)

How many egg do hens lay?

How many eggs do hens lay in 1 day? One per day Some hens lay only one egg every other day. As few as 80 pear year, as much as 300+ per year. Twice in the last year I had 16 hens lay 17 eggs in one day. I could never tell who laid the extra egg, but if she laid the first egg at the break of dawn (MORE)

Do hens lay eggs constantly?

Chickens will lay eggs every day once old enough to do so. Eventually they get older and the egg flow drops off then stops.

How many eggs to hens lay?

It depends on the breed; a good hardy layer (Rhode Island Red) will lay up to 6 eggs a week! (usually one per day)

Why are your hens not laying eggs?

Thank you, my hens are laying fine now again. But it wasn't that way just a few weeks ago. See, when a hen ( talking about free ranging girls here) reach one year of age, as soon as the day light length shortens in the fall, around here end of September through beginning of October their body st (MORE)

Do cornish hens lay eggs?

Yes. All hens lay eggs. Cornish hens are just a breed like any other and they will lay eggs for you provided they are not too young, too old and are well cared for. They are not prolific egg layers but you should get a few eggs per week from each bird.

How many eggs do hens lay?

Approximately one per day, depending on the breed and age. Some breeds, such as the Aseel, will only lay one or two eggs each week. As hens get older, they start to lay less often, but lay bigger eggs.

Is the silky white hen good for egg laying?

No, she will lay eggs but the Silkie is considered a poor egg layer. Three per week would be doing well. The Silkie had already been developed in China prior to the arrival of Marco Polo. One of the few feather footed breeds, it is available in large and Bantam sizes. Not a prolific egg layer (MORE)

Do you have to have a rooster for your hens to lay eggs?

No, they will lay eggs even if they don't have a rooster. If you want chicks however you have to have a rooster. . Yes chickens doo. they start to lay eggs at about 6-8 weeks of age regardless if there is a rooster around or not. if you have a rooster you can not eat the eggs as they may be fertile (MORE)

How do you encourage a hen to lay eggs?

They slack off during the winter, and there's really nothing you can do except make sure they have enough calcium handy and keep the heat on.. More on this There are several reasons hens will reduce the number of eggs they lay over the course of the year. Hens react to light and in the "winter" (MORE)

Why do hens cluck when laying an egg?

They announce to the rest of the flock what they have done. This clucking usually starts a few minutes after the egg is laid and continues for about three or four minutes. If you want them to stop just throw them something to eat like a handful of chicken food and they will stop yelling. --- M (MORE)

How do I get my hens to lay eggs?

Light is an important factor in egg production. For optimum production, a hen need at least 14 hours of light either natural or artificial or a combination of both. Proper nutrition, a good laying mash/pellet and clean fresh water. Clean and quiet nesting boxes. If you provide all this you wil (MORE)

Do hens lay unfertilized eggs?

Most chicken eggs produced for consumption are unfertilized. Eggs found in the grocery stores are typically produced by chickens that never come in contact with a rooster. In backyard flocks, however, there is usually a rooster present with the hens and he ensures that the eggs are fertilized by (MORE)

Does a hen lay an egg everyday?

It takes on the average 25 hours for a hen to form an egg once she is in laying season. They DO NOT carry their eggs around inside them for any extended period of time! A good laying hen should produce as a target 305 eggs per year IF she is given adequate lighting.

What makes a hen lay eggs?

Hens lay eggs based on the amount of sunlight they receive. They usually begin the process in the early morning when daylight is crowning. .

What are the best egg laying hens?

Leghorns! They lay an avg. of 300 per yr. They lay very large eggs for their little bodies which require less feed than other "good layer" breeds. Rhode Island Reds are very popular because of their dual purpose. When eggs production wanes, they can be eaten. They lay an avg. of 200 per yr. Orbingt (MORE)

Do hen lay fertilized eggs?

Only if there is a rooster in the flock. Unless there is a rooster mating with the hen, the eggs will not be fertilized.

Do hen lays unfertilized eggs?

Yes, hens often lay unfertilized eggs. In fact, all egg laying chickens that have not been mated by a rooster within the past ten days lay only unfertilized eggs.

What kind of hen lays white eggs?

A chicken with white ear lobes will lay white eggs. A chicken with brown ear lobes will lay brown eggs. there is no othe rreason and no taste difference.

Why do hens stop laying eggs?

The usual problems with lower than usual egg production is lighting conditions. Hens need 14 hrs of light daily. This can be daylight or artificial or a combination of both. Another reason they stop laying could be stress. If there are many rodents like rats/squirrels in or around the chicken coop (MORE)

From where do hens lay eggs?

The eggs come from the VENT. The vent is the orafice under the tail feathers. It is the duel purpose orafice that expels feces and eggs.

Why do brown egg hens sometimes lay white eggs?

A breed that will lay a brown egg, will not lay a white or tinted egg. However, the eggs will be darker at the begging of hens laying cycle, and can fade to an extremely pale shade by the end of her laying cycle. The only other reason why a hen might lay an unexpected egg color, would be if she (MORE)

What time does the hens lays egg?

There is no specific time for a hen to lay her eggs. Never less than 24 hours after the last egg but many hens will skip a day between eggs. Age, general health and breed determine the quantity when it comes to egg production. As long as light conditions are optimum and they get at least 14 hours of (MORE)

Where do hens lay eggs?

Hens will lay their eggs anywhere it is quiet and out of the way. If nesting boxes are provided in the chicken coop, the hens will lay in there among the straw or woodchips you provide. If your hens are free range and do not have nesting boxes in the coop you will need to look in dark areas of the b (MORE)

Why do hens lay soft eggs?

Often as a hen first starts to lay, eggs may have soft shells until her body gets the gist of things. Shock can also cause a hen to lay an odd soft shelled egg. Although with this in mind, a hen which often lays soft shelled eggs is a cause for concern and veterinary advice must be sought immediatel (MORE)

Why do hens lay an egg a day?

Not all hens do lay an egg per day. Some only lay an egg every second day while others may only lay two eggs per week. The egg laying capacity of a hen depends on the breed of hen but no chicken lays more that one egg per 24 hour period. 24 hours is the minimum length of time the hens oviduct needs (MORE)

Do hens lay fertilized eggs?

Only if they have mated with a rooster. Even if a rooster in in a flock though, her eggs may not be fertilized, as he may not have mated with her. In that case, if you really want the hen to lay fertilized eggs, you could consider penning the rooster and hen up together for a few days. Actually, you (MORE)

How can a hen lay an egg that is not fertilized?

In order for an egg to form, two gametes must merge to form a zygote. Once this happens, the zygote matures to form an egg. If the gamete does not merge, then it simply passes out of the chickens excretory system

When does hens quit laying eggs?

Depends on the breed and condition of the hen. Most hens stop laying at about 3 years old but can occasionally lay an egg well past that age. Many egg production farms cull stock at around 20/24 months old as peak laying age has been reached.

Why did your hen lay a small egg?

They usually lay small and/or deformed eggs at the beginning of their laying cycle. As their egg sack isn't completely developed yet.

What are the best hens that lay eggs?

Wyandottes and Orpingtons are very good egg layers - and very good chickens in general, but be wary of broodiness (the hens refusing to get off the nest because they are trying to hatch an egg - during which they will stop laying temporarily).