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What does the herb skullcap look like?

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Inhalant abuse is referred to as?
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What does a skullcap look like?

A skull cap is a small, circular cap, often with a small bit of cloth in the centre looking like the tip of a beret. If you have seen photographs of the pope lately, he ofte

What is an anise like herb?

  Anise is an herb that tastes like licorice. You can substitute fennel seeds for the same flavor when cooking; some cookbooks also say you can use "anise-like" herbs such

How does mint the herb look like?

  Mint leaves are round with little spike-looking-things at the end, which aren't actually spikes. The plant is always a very green color with many leaves.   A picture

What does the herb dill look like?

There is a picture and more details on the related link.

What does rosemary herb look like?

Rosemary is a plant with many stalks. Each stalk is covered in  small silvery green leaves, almost like the branch of some  Christmas trees. It sometimes blooms with tiny pu

What does the herb Thyme look like?

There are different varieties of the herb thyme plant. The link below will take you to a page where different thyme plants are listed along with their photographs.

What does horehound herb taste like?

awful! very bitter! if you're planning on using it medicinally, i  recommend make a syrup or candy with it to mask the taste. if you  just make a tea out of it, it will tast
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Will the Indian skullcap herb make you fail a drug test?

Yes. It actually stays in your bloodstream much longer than many other drugs. This is also why it is one of the leading carcinogens that we are aware of at this time. The cent