What does the idiom 'in the pink' mean?

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In the pink: in excellent health physically and emotionally
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What does the Idiom in hot water mean?

In trouble, usually yet to come. " You'll be in hot water when your parents find out " To be in hot water is to be inimmediate, deep trouble, as if someone were cooking us in a pot onthe stove. The person "in hot water" did a particular thing that issure to make another person mad at him or her.

What does the idiom 'On the Warpath' mean?

On the Warpath - in a very angry mood . Origin: This phrase is from the mid-1800's and originally referred to Native Americans who were often at war with settlers about land rights. The expression meant 'going to war.'

What does the idiom Dead as Night mean?

Things tend to be quiet at night, as if they were "dead." So if something is "dead as night," it means it is very quiet, not moving around, not making noise.

What does the idiom ticked pink mean?

"Tickled" is a southern expression in the US which means pleased or happy. Pink is just the color pink. Thus, "tickled pink" means you are so pleased you are blushing. If someone does something especially nice for you, you say "I'm just tickled pink!"

What does 'implied meaning from this idiom' mean?

Idioms are phrases that you can't guess what they mean just by reading them. This phrase is asking you to figure out what the actual words of the idiom would mean -- the "implied meaning" is what's not said, but meant.

What does the idiom 'can it' mean?

It's a rather rude way of saying "be quiet" - it's referring to tossing something into a trash can, as in "what you're saying is garbage so shut up."

What does the idiom to catch a bus mean?

get to the bus stop before the bus pulls off. To "catch" a bus, train, plane, or other vehicle just means that you got there on time and boarded. The image is of you chasing after the vehicle and catching it so you can climb on.

What is the meaning for idioms?

Idioms are phrases or expressions whose meaning should not be taken literally. I cannot be understood by simply knowing and putting together the ordinary meanings of the separate words in it. Examples: Contracts, agreements, and memos should be put into Black and White . (into writing) I burn (MORE)

What does the idiom flying in the face mean?

The image here is of something flying up and getting right in front of your face. It means that whatever it is goes against what you would traditionally expect. "Flying in the face of facts" would mean that whatever is going on does so against the facts.

What is the meaning of the idiom 'name and shame'?

It is a term that was started in the 1980's by journalists. It mainly refers to criminals but also to politicians or anyone who is thought to be doing wrong. The term means that the criminals name should be published and that they should be shamed into changing their behaviour. ----------------- (MORE)

What is the meaning of a idioms vocabulary of the road?

If you mean highway and trucker slang and jargon, here are some: Banging a uey - Making a U-turn. Chicken coop -Trucker's weight station. Fuzz - The police or highway patrol. Fuzz buster - Radar detector to keep truckers out of trouble for speeding. Kicking the donuts - Checking the (MORE)

What is the meaning of the idiom 'to have a word with someone'?

The usual implied meaning is that the "someone" that you're going to "have a word with" has done something that you take issue with. Saying you're going to have a word with them means you're going to talk to them -- often to chastise or threaten them, as the case may be. This is similar to the idio (MORE)

What mean of a bosom friend in idioms?

The bosom is the human chest-area, often referred to figuratively as the seat of emotion. A bosom companion is a friend dear to the heart, especially a life-long friend. We also speak of the bosom of one's familiy, meaning that tight center at the heart of our life.

What does the idiom sugar and honey mean?

Men. That woman is pure sugar and honey. I suppose this can mean three things. Either the man actually likes her a lot. or the man is sarcastic and think of the woman as very sweet but one don't get anything.. one that promises a lot but never keeps a promise. or the man thinks of her as one that (MORE)

What does the idiom called it a day mean?

As in stopping. The hunters called it a day as it was getting dark. The police called it a day because they were on really thin ice. The Rouletteplayer called it a day because he was flat broke. The gambler called it a day when he stroke even. The gambler won the big prize and called it a day. The (MORE)

What does the idiom pulling teeth mean?

It means its hard to pull someone teeth without them screaming and yelling or whatever which means it hard to teach you something without you not getting it or asking a lot of difficult question.

What does this idiom means out of the black?

The phrase "in the black" means that your accounts are solid and making money. If you are "out of the black," it means that you are no longer financially solid - however, the phrase most often used as the opposite of "in the black" is not "out of the black" but "in the red."

What does the idiom keep your hair on mean?

"Keep your hair on" could refer to the Old West, when Indians might scalp you if you were not watchful. I've never heard it said as "keep your hair on" though. I suppose the idiom 'keep your hair on' means that if when a person is stressed the likelyhood that you could lose your hair or even pull (MORE)

What is the meaning of the idiom 'to pay it forward'?

It is related to a number of similar idioms, such as "What goes around, comes around" and the concept of Karma. The basic premise is that by doing good things now for others, eventually good things will come to you. Or if you do bad things, eventually bad things will come around to you. You ar (MORE)

What does the idiom shoulder to the wheel mean?

In many work situations historically, an animal-drawn cart might bog down in soft ground and a person would have to help by helping to turn one of the two wheels. Meaning of expression is get off the fence and participate, make your contribution; help get the desired result..

Meaning of the idiom gall and wormwood?

something that causes you to have a bitter or highly unpleasant experience. Gall and wormwood are plants that were often referred to for their bitter taste in the Bible and Shakespeare. (The modern word gall now refers to bile, rather than a plant.)

What does the idiom a a peace of cake mean?

The idiom is "piece of cake". It refers to something that is perceived to be very easy or simple, something that is as easy to do as eating a piece of cake. "Hey, Chuck Norris! Can you break through this flimsy wooden door? My brother is trapped inside!" "Sure I can, that's a piece of cake!"

What does the idiom fishy business mean?

When something is called 'fishy' it means that there is something suspicious about it. If you witnessed or heard about something that didn't sound like it was trustworthy, you would say that it 'sounds like fishy business.'

What is the meaning of the idiom playing games?

Imagine someone who is playing games. They are not doing anything serious. If someone is playing games, it means they are not serious about the situation. They could also be trying to fool you or lie to you. "He's just playing games with you -- he doesn't intend to marry you," would be an example.

What does the idiom in fits and starts mean?

It's not an idiom, you just have to know the definitions of thewords. Fits: bursts of frenzied activity Starts: beginnings It means that whatever it was went along in bursts of energysometimes and sometimes stopped and started over.

What does the idiom ranked and fired means?

I believe that what you mean is "rank and file". This is a little bit obscure as to its origin, but it is a military term referring to the enlisted personnel and non-commissioned officers. It later became to mean the non executives and managerial employees in a company.

What is the meaning of the idiom mean business?

When you mean business, you are serious about whatever it is."Business" is a way of saying that something is not humorous orjoking, but should be taken seriously the way work is taken. Youhear this said when someone is joking around in a serioussituation, such as when their parents are trying to tel (MORE)

What does the idiom 'there there' mean?

It's a nonsense phrase used when someone is upset or sad. You pat them on the back and say "There, there." You can also say "there, there, everything will turn out right."