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In the pink: in excellent health physically and emotionally
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What does the idiom ticked pink mean?

"Tickled" is a southern expression in the US which means pleased or happy. Pink is just the color pink. Thus, "tickled pink" means you are so pleased you are blushing. If som

What does the idiom to catch a bus mean?

get to the bus stop before the bus pulls off. To "catch" a bus, train, plane, or other vehicle just means that you got there on time and boarded. The image is of you chasing

What is the meaning for idioms?

Idioms are phrases or expressions whose meaning should not be taken literally. I cannot be understood by simply knowing and putting together the ordinary meanings of the separ

What is the meaning of the idiom mean business?

When you mean business, you are serious about whatever it is."Business" is a way of saying that something is not humorous orjoking, but should be taken seriously the way work

What does the idiom 'there there' mean?

It's a nonsense phrase used when someone is upset or sad. You pat them on the back and say "There, there." You can also say "there, there, everything will turn out right."