What does the name Logan mean?

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Logan can be used both as a male and a female name. It's of Gaelic origin meaning "hollow." In Chinese it means "little hollow."
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Who is Jud Logan?

Jud Logan is a four time member of the United States Olympic team in the hammer throw.

Where is mount Logan?

Mount Logan is actually located on a range which reaches both the North West Canada Yukon territory, and the North America Washington Territory. It lies within the Kluane National Park and reserve.

Is Logan a good name?

Logan is the best name in the world all the other names can go and die!!! except Danielle!!! Dylan too!!!!

Who is Logan echolls?

Jason Dohring plays the roll of Logan Echolls in the Television series Veronica Mars. He is the local bad boy and love interest of many. See the related link below for more information.

Is Logan smart?

No, Logan is only smart when it comes to manure of many different sizes and forms. So, he is kinda smart ifya wanna put it that way... which hopefully you don't.

Who is John Logan?

an illegal french immgrant. He moved here in 2005 and has 13 accounts of murder 12 accounts of kidnapping and 56 accounts of littering. If you see him shoot him on sight

Who is LeBron Logan?

LeBron was born march 4 1993. He was born in Rochester, New York. He was raised in Decatur, Georgia. He has three other siblings.

What is the name Logan in maori?

Not easy. You could use Tairua if you are going for a literal translation. That is Logan means Valley/hollow in Gaelic and so you could translate it to Tairua, using a Maori word for Valley or Hollow. However the English ear would fail to see a connection between Logan and Tairua. There are o (MORE)

Where is Logan?

There is a well known Logan in Utah and also in Ohio. However, when people say Logan, it very often refers to Boston Logan Airport IATA code BOS

Who is Logan Lerman?

Logan Lerman is an actor. Logan was born in Beverly Hills, to a Jewish family. He started acting at a young age, and played the lead role in the Percy Jackson movies. He has been in several other movies such as Gamer, Meet Bill, The Number 23, Hoot, 3:10 to Yum a, The Three Musketeers, and Th (MORE)

Is Logan here?

yes he is sitting right next to me picking hi nose haha along with devonte!!

What is 'Logan' in Italian?

LOH-gahn is an Italian pronunciation of 'Logan'. The name isn't native to Italy. Sometimes, native speakers try to respect the pronunciation rules of the original languages from which foreign and loan words come. Other times, they just respect those of their own native language.

What is Hayley Logans brothers name?

My name is Hayley Logan I go to Foot of Ten Elementary and my brothers name is Blake Logan. If anymore question (i know wwe the most) just comment on this in the discussion box and i will answer your questions okay thanks bye peace out yo and if u want to talk to me live I have a facebook my name is (MORE)

What does the name 'Logan' mean?

Hard to say, although as a surname, it has Scottish and Irish origins. From the Old Norse, this male given name carries the meaning of "felled tree" or "log". Please see the related link listed below for more info:

Who is Logan the loyalist?

The American Indian leader who came to be called Logan was born in Pennsylvania circa 1725. His father was a Cayuga Indian named Shikellamy. Shikellamy later renamed his son after James Logan -- a prominent Pennsylvanian and old friend. Logan grew up in Pennsylvania and came to view many whites as h (MORE)

Who is Logan Simpson?

there is no person but there is a company called logan design inc.See related link.

Where is mountain Logan?

Mt. Logan, the highest Canadian mountain and the second highest peak in North America, is located in Yukon, Canada.

What is the new name for mount Logan?

The name of Canada's highest peak, Mount Logan in southern Yukon, has not changed. In October 2000, then Prime Minister Jean Chretien announced that the mountain would be renamed in honour of former PM Pierre Elliot Trudeau, who had recently passed away. However, the proposal was dropped within a fe (MORE)

Who is Logan leeman?

he played Percy in the lightning thief movie he was very cute he was very hot

Do Logan have a Facebook?

You may search for him with keyword "logan" and some other searching criterias on Facebook Search site listed below. It allows to search all Facebook stuff by keywords and doesn't require logging in. You may use any info you know about the one you look for. Play with keywords combinations. Good luc (MORE)

When is logan henderson?

No i swear guinea pigs will turn into vampires at night and kill your kids. It happened to me it was so sad i walked into my kids room and they were all bloody and dead.

How did Wolverine get the name Logan?

Wolverine was originally named James Howlett, born in NorthernAlberta, Canada in the 1880's to Elizabeth Howlett, the wife ofwealthy farmer John Howlett. James' biological father, ThomasLogan, later kills John, and is killed in turn by an enragedadolescent James with his newly manifested bone claws. (MORE)

Who was Chief Logan?

Chief Logan is a american indian who helped settlers moveinto oHIO rIVER vALLEY. He soon went to batte when the settlerskilled his parents.Then soon he died in battle by europeans

Does Logan have a zoo?

Yes. It is called Willow Park Zoo. Here is some information on it. This can be found on the Logan Utah website. Park Type: Regional Park Park Location: 450 West 700 South Park History: Willow Park and Willow Park Zoo are located at 419 West 700 South, Logan, Utah. The park occupies 15 acr (MORE)

Who is Logan Henderson?

Logan Henderson is an actor, born September 14, 1989 in NorthRichland Hills, TX. He starred as "Logan Mitchell" in the series Big Time Rush andplayed bass guitar in the band.

Why did Wolverine call himself Logan if his name is James?

O.k you've just asked a very good question with a very long answer: As a child his parents were murdered (typicall) and he killed the attackers with his then not adamantium claws. He was framed but ran away with his friend who was a girl but i cant remember her name - she and her fiancee got killed (MORE)

Is Logan a cool name for a girl?

Depends On the persons personality... If she is sporty, then possibly yes. If she is a girl, then heck no. If this is a baby that you are talking about, then make sure she has either a middlename or a good nickname. Also think about what she wants to be called when she is an adult.

Who is Logan Couture?

Logan Couture is a Canadian ice hockey player who plays Center for the San Jose Sharks.

Where is Logan Airport?

General Edward Lawrence Logan International Airport is located in Boston, Massachusetts. The name being such a mouthful, it is frequently called simply Logan Airport.

What was Ironic about that Logan?

It is impossible to know if it is Ironic without knowing more about Logan and what makes him ironic.ÊÊ Ironic is defined as happening in the opposite way to what is expected, thus typically causing wry amusement.