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What does the name morgania mean?

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"Morgania" is a longer version of "Morgan" which is Celtic for "Lives by the sea."
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What name means I AM WHO I AM?

God, Exodus chapter 3 verse 14 Ok this is an interesting quote. God is talking to Moses andMoses is basically asking God what name he is to say to the peoplewhen they ask

What does the name The mean?

"The" is not a name. Actually "the" means "a thing that is there." It probably comes from the word "there."

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What does the name Will mean?

Will is a shortened form of William. It comes from the German name Wilhem: wil means will or desire, and helm means helmet or protection.

What does you name it mean?

The idiomatic phrase "you name it" is a way of describing the completeness or wide extent of a collection or group. Whatever individual version of a thing or concept you can s

What is the meaning of the name?

The meaning of a name can be looked at in different languages such  as, Greek or Hebrew. A name can also have a personal meaning to the  person that created it.

What does the name means?

Sometimes a name is based on physical appearance, place of residence, or familial relations.

Why does names have a meaning?

At one time, personal names were thought to have magical power and were chosen with that in mind. A person would be called by the word for an animal or force of nature in orde

What does namely mean?

The word "namely" means specifically, or referring to this particular classification. it is not as commonly used at it once was, but you might see it sometimes. For example: T