What does the name pate mean?

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What does twitter pated mean?

Twitterpated is the state of being excited and/or aroused at the arrival of spring. When flowers bloom, they are twitterpated. When animals mate, they are twitterpated.

What does pate mean in french?

CORRECTED: Salut: Though the first poster is right in that there is a word -patte, the answer is completely incorrect. Pâté is a spread, usually made from any kind of m

What does Shakespeare mean by the word crook-pated?

Shakespeare does not actually use the word "crook-pated". We do find the following in As You Like It: "That is another simple sin in you: to bring the ewes and the rams toge
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What is pate sucree?

Pate Sucree is a short crust pastry used as tart bases. It is made by rubbing 100g butter into 250g flour, 100g icing sugar and a pinch of salt. It should resemble bread crumb
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What does pate mean in drama?

A pate is another word for the head. It is sometimes used to meanan application that males the wearer appear bald, hence "a baldpate."