What does the nautical term Screw Room mean?

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It is the room from which the screw (propeller) is accessible. Plaques available elsewhere.
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What does the nautical term list mean?

Answer . It means leaning over.. More specifically . Both list and heel refer to lean or tilt in a boat or ship. The term list is usually used to refer to a tendency o

What does cws invincible mean nautical term?

It is not a nautical term. It is a hand plunger to wash clothes by hand and is the brand name. It also has a picture of an imaginary CWS Invincible ship embossed on the side.

What does weather the lizard mean in nautical terms?

In nautical terms, the words have the following meanings: Weather - to pass to windward a point of land; the Lizard - a Cornwall Peninsula. Therefore, weather the Lizard wo

What does the nautical term 'avast' mean?

'Hold fast" or 'Stop' its an old nautical term/command first documented 1n 1681.. Would have been used as an order to stop/halt an individual, or a ships company in what they

What nautical term means behind?

The term is "abaft". Sometimes "astern" is also used. - Incorrect. Abaft is used (rarely) to reference the direction of the stern relative to an object. For example "It is ab

What is the meaning of the nautical term Mark Twain?

On the Mississippi River during the time of Samuel Clemens, A rope or rod with fathom markings was used to gauge the depth of the river. A depth of less than two fathoms was c
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What does the nautical term 'lofting' mean?

Lofting is an architectural drafting technique (sometimes using mathematical tables) whereby curved lines are drawn on wood and the wood then cut for advanced woodworking. The
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What did the term by in large mean in nautical terms?

The proper term is, "By and Large" In sailing days, it meant, "Sailing By the wind, and going Large ", which meant you had the wind aft, or generally behind you, and you
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What does the nautical term wake mean?

The disturbance - usually in the form of a trailing V shape of waves - left by a water-craft travelling through water.