What does the pause-break key on the keyboard do?

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Pressing the Windows button + pause/break brings up your system properties.
It also pauses the game in a lot of games up to around 2004 or so; after that it was useless.
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Keys on a keyboard?

On a full grand piano, 88 keys. Some Keyboards like electric ones have varying amounts of keys, i have a keyboard that has 61 keys.

What does the pause key do on the keyboard?

In WinXP, windows key + pause key opens system properties. Control + pause in the command prompt (dos mode) usually makes the computer stop what it's doing. Otherwise, several

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It depends on the computer. My keyboard has the page-up key doubling as the pause key, but yours could be different. It is always in the top-right corner, however.

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Sometimes you can just press the spacebar, but usually you just click on the pause button with your mouse. (StarStripe) My Laptop has a pause key... but its probably becaus
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