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It means "Behold the Handmaid of the Lord", and is the title of a famous painting by Dante Gabriel Rossetti created in 1849-1850 hanging in the Tate Britain in London. Addition: The words are traditionally the Virgin Mary's answer to the Archangel Gabriel in the Annunciation.
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What is the Meaning of Magnum nomen domini Emmanuel?

Great is the name of the lord Emmanuel (this is the predicted name of the saviour), which is announced by Gabriel, today he appeared in Israel through the Mary virgin. A virgi

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"Ecce quam bonum" is Latin for "Behold, how good a thing is". It is the title to Psalm 132 in the Catholic Bible, Psalm 133 in Protestant Bibles and is the first three words t

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What does Anno Domini mean?

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Anno Domini means?

The term Anno Domini is Medieval Latin, translated as In the year of (the/Our) Lord.

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Domini means "Lord" in Latin. As in, Anno Domini ("Year of our  Lord") or, as used when conjugated, Dominus Vobiscum ("The Lord be  with you").

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