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What does the phrase I see where you are coming from mean?

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'I understand your point of view' It does not indicate agreement, just comprehension
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What does the phrase you see the light mean?

It can mean a couple of things depending on how it is used. To "see the light" could mean a spiritual revelation, a revelation in general (you suddenly see the solution to a p

Where is the phrase Come and See in the gospel?

"COME AND SEE" IN THE GOSPEL Using the King James Version of the Bible, the phrase "Come and see" appears only in the gospel of John, specifically in: . John 1:39 - "He s

What is Meaning phrase 'come now'?

Maritime captains of ships invite persons knocking on their door to enter by saying in a loud, commanding voice,"Come". If the person does not enter, the captain repeats himse

What is the meaning of phrase 'I know from where you are coming'?

This is not a phrase we use in English. We say I know where you are coming from , which means "I understand the basis for your opinion or attitude, or the gist of your argume

What does the phrase 'the coming judgment' mean?

The phrase " the coming Judgment " is just that -- THE JUDGMENT IS YET TO COME ! It hasn't happened yet... in spite of the false beliefs of millions of deceived people i