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Whatever happens, whatever may come my way.
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Where did the phrase 'three sheets to the wind' come from and what does it mean?

It refers to having three sails rigged on a sailing boat, a sail was also known as a sheet. I think it was a tactic used in runnng a boat through a storm, erratically, hence b

Where did the phrase 'trying to get your goat' come from and what does it mean?

I believe the expression 'to get your goat' has it's origins in horse racing.  Race horses are very high-strung animals. Goats are often used as companion animals, to keep a

What does the phrase 'when push comes to shove' mean?

if you say that something can be done if push comes to shove, you mean that it can be done if the situation becomes so bad that you have to do it. Example: Look, if push c

What does the phrase 'I didn't come down in the last shower' mean?

This saying means that someone is not as gullible or as easily  fooled as others might think. It is an indication that the speaker  has "been around" long enough to know whe

What is biblical meaning of the phrase thy kingdom come?

It means His power, authority, will.   Our Father which art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name. 10 Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven. 11 Give us

What does the phrase 'fata compli' mean and what language does it come from?

    Translation/definition for...       I think you mean "fete accompli" and if so, it is from french, and it basically means "festival/celebration/event

What is the meaning of the phrase ' never slam a door in anger you may want to open it again '?

It doesn't mean a literal door. it means a door as in connections, friendships, opportunities etc. it is saying that you shouldn't stop being a friend or not accept an offer b

In The Hobbit what does the phrase 'I may be a burglar but I am an honest one' mean?

It may mean that he is a bad person, but he admits it.   Bilbo Baggins says this. He is stung by some of the comments of the dwarves.   I think that it means that Bilbo