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What does the phrase rich mans war and poor mans fight mean?

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Wealthy people make a profit from selling things during a war, but poor people are the ones that do the actual fighting.
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An act for "enrolling and calling out the National Forces"
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Rich man poor man on DVD?

Rich Man Poor Man is a miniseries that appeared on television in  1976. The miniseries is available on DVD and can be purchased  through Amazon as a collectors set.

What does rich man's war and poor man's fight mean?

In the context not only of the American Civil War but of many other  wars, as well, the phrase "rich man's war and poor man's fight" is  a significant one. Its basic meaning

What does the phrase rich man's fight and poor man's fight mean?

The war was often called 'A rich man's war but a poor man's fight'. This meant that the poor were having to do the fighting for the interests of the rich. Also the Union side

Why was the civil war sometimes called a poor mans fight?

'A rich man's war, but a poor man's fight'. Because there were a lot of war profiteers who were a long way from the fighting. Also in the North, a young man from a well-off fa

When Watson said rich mans war poor man's fight he was referring to?

This was being said on both sides. In the South, a lot of poor whites felt they were fighting for rich planters, not in uniform, to continue their life of feudal privilege. In

What does it mean when people said the civil war was a rich mans war and a poor mans fight?

Like most wars it centered largely around economics. The wealthy plantation owners of the south feared that the federal government would someday abolish slavery thus costing t

Why did people in the south refer the civil war as rich mans war and poor mans fight?

People in the South referred to the Civil War as "The rich mans' war and the poor mans' fight" because the North [the rich men] due to the industrial revolution had more money