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to swim very well
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Why do fish swim like there suffocating?

If a fish is acting lethargic than you should do a large 50-75% water change pronto. Also, try using an aerator in the tank to try to raise the dissolved oxygen levels.

Where did the phrase like shooting fish in a barrel originate What does it mean?

It originated from when two men were having a shooting contest. They each said what each other had to shoot. Number 1 said to shoot a bird in a tree and Number 2 said to shoot

What do baby fish swim like?

  Baby fish are called 'fry', and in their early stages look and swim very much like tadpoles. They are capable of swimming in a straight lines but only do this in small,

What does it mean when your fish is swimming upside down?

If you do not own a specific type of catfish that swims upside-down, then your fish has a problem with it's swim bladder. You should fast your fish for 3 days, then begin feed

What does the phrase fish school there mean?

The phrase 'fish school there' means they group or gather in that location. A group of fish is called a school of fish. Therefore, if 'fish school there' they join together to

What is the meaning of the phrase 'how much is the fish'?

The phrase "How much is the fish?" has no meaning, other than that associated with pricing fish at the market. It is the title of a song by a German Techno music group calle

What does it mean when you dream of swimming fish?

There are so many different symbolic meanings associated with "fish" that a meaningful interpretation is impossible without additional information about this specific dream. J