What does the quote whoever has walked with truth generates life mean?

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It means that if you yell the truth your awesomme(: jusst kidding.
it means that if your hoanast you could live longer in Mesatopia! (:
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What does the quote tell the truth shame the devil mean?

People will lie and if you speak the truth which is hard for most people to do you are shaming the devil who is the father of lies.Satan knows that if you can lie rather than

What does the quote it is not length of life but depth of life mean?

This is a great quote referring to the fact that your life may be long, but that doesn't matter. What matters is that you lived a life that was meaningful and fulfilled your p

What is the universal truth about life and its meaning?

I don't think there really is a "point" or "meaning" to life. Because for animals the only thing that seems important is the need to reproduce and carry on the population. But

What does this quote mean only a life for others is a life worthwhile?

It means a that only a life spent helping others is a life worth living, or a life helping others in need is a good life. . Catholic Answer Christianity boils down to li
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What does it mean ''fRom faith to truth in our life?

Faith to truth is a broad term that can have many meanings, the best answer would come from the person who ask the question. For me it is about the transition, the space betwe
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What does this quote mean Truth fears no questions?

"Truth fears no questions" because no matter how the truth is questioned it wont chance the fact that it still is the truth. If something happened and person asked you if y
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What does the quote prejudice obscures the truth mean?

prejudice is where someone assumes something about someone and it may not be true. Therefore, "Prejudice obscures the truth," means that thinking someone always fits a stereot
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What does the quote mean to stake ones life for truth?

To stake ones life means to put it at risk. Truth is harder to define. Roughly it means not false, but some see truth in aesthetics, in beauty, in some ideal, in perfection, i
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What does Jesus mean by way truth and life?

Jesus said in John 14:6, "I am the way, the truth, and the life.No one come to the Father except by Me". . Jesus is the way to eternal life. He is the One who came fromGod an