What does the saying 'two dogs' mean?

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it means mean ol' meany it means mean ol' meany
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What does two dogs mean?

'Two Dogs' can mean that the two dogs are doing something or whatever. 'Two Dogs' can even mean that there are two dogs in the room, it's not that hard to decode you know.

What does the saying 'you old dog' mean?

The saying 'you old dog' just means someone that you have not seenfor a long time. It is just a way of saying hi to someone you havenot seen in a while.

What does a guy mean when they say chilie dog?

well it depends on the type of guy and it may also depend on the type of person you are too ... for example he could be making a sexual reference to you when he asks chilie do

What does it mean when a man says he's a dog?

Generally when someone refers to themselves as a dog they mean they are not reliable; do not respect others as they should; may go from girl to girl, etc. In other words he's

What does the saying A hit dog will holla mean?

This means a guilty person will present themselves. For example, if you are musty amongst a group of people and someone walk in and say "whew something stinks", the musty pers
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What is the meaning of the saying dog it dog?

The actual saying is "dog eat dog", referring to a dog's chain of dominance. Dog's don't have morals; when someone say's "its a dog eat dog world", they are referring to the f