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The tail of a dragonfly (called the abdomen) contains many of a dragonflies organs, including its reproductive organs and much of its digestive system. It also acts as a cooling system. The insect pumps blood through the abdomen. The long, narrow shape ensure that the blood stays close to the surface, allsoing they air to carry away excess heat.
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Do dragonflies need a tail to fly?

A dragonfly cannot live without its tail let alone fly. The tail, or more properly the abdomen of a dragonfly contains vital organs.

How does a dragonfly move?

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Do dragonflies have brains?

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Does dragonfly have tail?

Sort of. The "tail" of a dragonfly is no analogous to the tail of a vertebrate. Rather than being an extension of the spine (which a dragonfly does not have), this"tail" is ac