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The tail of a dragonfly (called the abdomen) contains many of a dragonflies organs, including its reproductive organs and much of its digestive system. It also acts as a cooling system. The insect pumps blood through the abdomen. The long, narrow shape ensure that the blood stays close to the surface, allsoing they air to carry away excess heat.
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What does it mean when a dragonfly curls its tail?

A female dragonfly curls its tail when she is looking for a place to lay her eggs. She is disguising herself to look like a stinging insect so that her predators don't bother

Can a dragonfly live without its tail?

obviously not. it contains most of its digestive tract and organs.    remember when i was younger i used to take them by the wings and rip off their tails...it'll fly f

Do dragonflies need a tail to fly?

A dragonfly cannot live without its tail let alone fly. The tail, or more properly the abdomen of a dragonfly contains vital organs.

What do dragonflies do?

Dragonflies actually soar around constantly. They are carnivores, eating bees, ants, and other insects.

Does dragonfly have tail?

Sort of. The "tail" of a dragonfly is no analogous to the tail of a vertebrate. Rather than being an extension of the spine (which a dragonfly does not have), this"tail" is ac