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What does the texting abbreviation TMI mean?

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Too Much Information
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What does TMI mean in text message?

TMI generally means Too Much Information. You can say this instead of, "I seriously didn't need to know that". It is used in texting, IMing, or just chatting.

What is TMI?

To Much Information!   da To Much Imfo[[User:Bethydawn28|Bethydawn28]] 16:25, 10 Apr 2009 (UTC)[[User:Bethydawn28|Bethydawn28]] 16:25, 10 Apr 2009 (UTC)[[User:Bethydawn28|B

What does the abbreviation ant mean in texting?

There are several possibilities as to what a text saying "ant" is  actually talking about. Context clues from the conversation would  have to be used or directly asking the

What does texting abbreviation mlm mean?

MLM stands for Multi-Level Marketing. The reason it is called MLM is because of their compensation plan. For example. Everyone you enroll is on your first level. a.k.a front

What do TMI OMG and LOL mean?

tmi = to much information omg = oh my gosh lol = laugh out loud Heres a few more: n00b | Newbie / N1 | Nice one / N2M | Nothing too much / NADT | Not a darn thing / NALO