What does tom Jones earn?

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£12.500 per year
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Who is Tom Jones?

Tom Jones is a Welsh singer who has been performing since 1963.

Were is Tom Jones?

Right next to me Sir Tom Jones just finished a 2 week gig at MGM in Las Vegas and was heading home to LA.

Is Gethin Jones Tom Jones' son?

Yes. definitely. Steve Jones is also his son. No, Steve Jones isn't related to Tom Jones at all. Mark Woodward and Jonathan Berkerly are Tom's sons.

Was tom Jones in any films?

Jones himself appears in the late 70's made for TV movie Pleasure Cove, playing a small role. He also guest starred as a character in an epidode of Fantasy Island. Other TV ro

Is tom Jones george Jones brother?

No, he is not. George Glenn Jones, born in Saratoga, Texas, raised in Vidor, TX and was born to George Washington Jones & Clara Margaret (Patterson). On the other hand, Sir T