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What does verga mean in spanish?

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This actually means the stick from where a boat's steering wheel is held on to. Dont think wrong. Many people think that this is a bad word but that is what is actually means.
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Are there any prescriptivists that have moved the general style of writing forward?

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What does A mean in Spanish?

The letter "a" is used to mean "at" or "to." It can combine with "el" (the, masculine) as the word "al" (at the, to the). Example: Vienen a la iglesia. - They come to th (MORE)

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What does and mean in spanish?

"y" (before words that begin with consonant or vowel, if the vowel is not "i"). For instance: El Emperador y los guardias urdían un plan. "e" (before words that begin with (MORE)

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What does are mean in Spanish?

"Estar" or "Ser." It depends on how it's used in a sentence. Estar is used for things that change such as location and mood. Ser is for permanent things such as personality an (MORE)

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What does no mean in Spanish?

"No" in Spanish is No in English. but in Spanish, no is a double negative, for example: No, I don't speak Spanish. would be: No, no se habla espanol. in other words in Spanis (MORE)

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What does talon mean in spanish?

My mother was born in the state of Chihauha, Mexico and I'm American born but speak fluent Spanish, so as far as I know the word "TALON" means "Heel" as in the back part of yo (MORE)

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What does vete a la verga o vete a la mierda mean?

These are two rude and vulgar ways to say "get lost", "drop dead", but using phallic and scatological references.
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What is the word in Spanish meaning mean?

I depends on context. As in "unkind", it is "malo or antipático". If you want to say "nasty", use "malhumorado". There are various other less common usages. As a verb, "to m (MORE)