What does verga mean in spanish?

This actually means the stick from where a boat's steering wheel is held on to. Dont think wrong. Many people think that this is a bad word but that is what is actually means.
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What does fluent in spanish mean?

Being fluent (in any language) means that you can speak enough the language to be able to communicate effectively with the native speakers. Contrary to many believes, it does (MORE)

What does talon mean in spanish?

My mother was born in the state of Chihauha, Mexico and I'm American born but speak fluent Spanish, so as far as I know the word "TALON" means "Heel" as in the back part of yo (MORE)
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How do you make sopa de ajo?

Like many peasant dishes, sopa de ajo, or garlic soup, was forged by the hungry and innovative poor denizens of the Iberian Peninsula. This simple soup is likely to have been (MORE)
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Dos and Don'ts When Traveling in Spain

From snow-worthy winters to hitting the open road, or just getting your long-awaited restaurant bill, there may be certain sides of Spain that you simply don't expect. To help (MORE)

What does diocito mean in spanish?

Any time that the ending -cito is added to the word it means "little". Dios is the Spanish word for God. Therefore, Dioscito means 'little god".
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What Does Donna Mean in Spanish?

"Donna" does not mean anything in Spanish, as it is Italian for  "lady" or "woman." However, "Dona" in Spanish with a tilde over the  "N" is close to it, except it means "Mr (MORE)

What does the Spanish word los mean in Spanish?

1. LOS = the (plural for male) example: the men- los hombres / the man- el hombre 2. You, to you, polite plural for men or both genders if in the group there is a man. Señore (MORE)

Best Things to See and Do in Antigua on a Budget

Antigua is located in the central highlands of Guatemala and surrounded by three volcanoes which dominate the horizon. The city is well known for beautifully preserved Spanish (MORE)