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it is latin for versus
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Affected by feeling vs emotionally stable means?

Affected by feeling: emotionally less stable Emotionally stable: mature, face reality, calm

What does a dragon vs tiger tattoo mean?

martial arts view on tiger vs dragon According to Shaolin Martial Arts, the Tiger vs. the Dragon is the symbol of the line overcoming the circle and vice versa. The tiger fig

What does half court game mean vs full court?

  A half court game would refer to a slower game, one that is played mostly with set offense against set defense. A full court game refers to a game in which at least one

What does fate vs freewill mean?

fate vs freewill : fate is something that you expect to happen in the future and freewill is what you want to do because your doing what you want ; your doing your will what y

What does person vs fate mean?

A person has to deal with life and unexpected fate along the way so basically a person has to deal with things that are unexpected in life its kinda hard to explain really. P

What does person vs person mean?

The meaning of person vs. person is a struggle between a person and another person. It all has to do with conflict. Person vs person is a conflict between two individuals. Per

What does character vs self mean?

This is when someone (the character) has a conflict with them self.:-

What does vs mean in diamond clarity?

The full form of vs is very slight.    You can read more about GIA clarity grading systems, below, which  include the vs assignment in context.

What does theme vs moral mean in literature?

  Theme ~ a literary element; a unifying subject of a story or literary text (hard work brings rewards; good always wins out; coming of age, etc.). Moral ~ the lesso

The meaning of rope vs line?

Line is a nautical term for a rope. But a rope can be a line attached on only one end in normal use. The bell rope, the bucket rope, the tiller rope, the bolt rope, check rope

What does man vs man mean?

Man vs man is just a theme that indicates people are on the  different sides of the conflict rather than Man versus nature, or  the environment, or technology, or God, or ma