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it is latin for versus
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What does man vs nature mean?

  Man struggling to survive against so adverse conditions. In Stephan Crane's 'The Open Boat' five men struggle to survive in a life-boat amid stormy seas and deadly surf.

What does man vs man mean?

Man vs man is just a theme that indicates people are on the  different sides of the conflict rather than Man versus nature, or  the environment, or technology, or God, or ma

What does plus vs minus mean?

  Plus/minus means the difference between the number of goals his team scores and the number it gives up at even strength when a player is on the ice. Power play and short

What does person vs society mean?

Where 'a person' confronts or resists the norms or general persuasions of society. For example the McCarthy Trials of the US late 1940s to mid 1950s. The general mass of the U

What does person vs fate mean?

A person has to deal with life and unexpected fate along the way so basically a person has to deal with things that are unexpected in life its kinda hard to explain really. P

What does row vs wait mean?

    I believe you may be asking what Roe vs. Wade means. It's the case in which the US Supreme Court found women can have an abortion up until the point of the fetus

What does person vs person mean?

The meaning of person vs. person is a struggle between a person and another person. It all has to do with conflict. Person vs person is a conflict between two individuals. Per

What does vs mean in sports?

It is short for 'versus' which is Latin for 'against'. So that A vs B means A against B. It implies that the team is playing at home. When the team is playing on the road, th

What is the meaning of spirituality vs religion?

Religion is belief(all religions are talking the relation between body and soul . all of it are methology. The spritiuality is real experience of body and soul sepration by me
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What does fate vs freewill mean?

fate vs freewill : fate is something that you expect to happen in the future and freewill is what you want to do because your doing what you want ; your doing your will what y