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it is made into paper it is made into paper it is made into paper
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What is 'tanalised' wood?

  'TANALISED' timber has been impregnated with a preservative solution under high vacuum pressure in an industrial vessel. This treatment process ensures deep penetration

Is tulip wood a good wood to burn in a wood stove?

Tulip wood (Poplar or Tulip Poplar) is the wood used in many wooden match sticks. When dry, it will burn very quickly. So quickly that you will stay warm running back and fort

How much wood is a chuck of wood?

First off, it is not a "chuck of wood." Second, a woodchuck can't chuck wood; it's scientifictly impossible to get the right answer. The original tongue twister goes: "How mu

Is wood porous?

All wood is porous. The pores carry water from the roots to the leaves.

What type of wood is pine wood?

Pine is considered a softwood. 

What does wood do when it twists?

When wood twists just a small amount it will spring back. If the  wood twists far against the grain then the fibers can give and the  wood will eventually crack.

What woods are hard woods?

Examples of hard woods are: White Ash Green Ash Cypress Gum Hickory Locust Lignum Vitae Hard Maple White Maple White Oak Live Oak Red Pine Yellow Pine

Is wood fragile?

depending if the wood is dry rotted or old, but if not then no it is not fragile.

Do wood chucks eat wood?

  No. Woodchucks primarily eat wild grasses and other vegetation, and berries. They also eat grubs, grasshoppers, insects, snails and other small animals. The name woodchu

Disadvantages of wood?

I really can't think of any disadvantages. Wood is lovely material to work with, and with proper care and treatment can be used for many different things,

What is wood vinegar?

Answer   Wood vinegar or pyroligneous acid is fluid or sap taken from tree cells. It is said to be useful for mild pain relief, detoxification of the body, decreasing swe

What type of wood is jinx wood?

  I believe Jinx Wood is the same thing as - or very similar to - Balsawood. It is a very light weight, airy wood that is used by crafters and model builders. It is easy t

Who was granville woods?

Some people think of Granville T. Woods as the "Black Edison"-- like Thomas Edison, he was an inventor who was years ahead of his time.  He was born and raised in Ohio, and d