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The term "your back is against the wall" means that you have reached a point where you have no other options. When your back is against the wall you have no other course than to either give up or move forward and face what has you backed against the wall. Since this question was put into the Christian category I will answer it as a Christian. There will be times in your life that things will go wrong. It will seem that all things are against you and you have your back against the wall with no way out. I fully believe that Satan makes you feel like you have been abandoned and unloved so that you will give up. This is a lie. God will never abandon you. I have had my back against the wall countless times in my life and each time God has saved me. When my back is against the wall it gives me time to pray to God that He will help and deliver me. He has never failed me. Also when your back is against the wall it gives you something to push off from. When your back is against the wall, Look up!
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