What dog breed has most reported bites?

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The dog breed most likely to bite was not the Pit Bull, Rottweiler, or German Shepherd, but �wait for it�the Dachshund. And second was the Chihuahua, followed by the Jack Russell Terrier. Research involved 6000 dog owners. Course, if you want to know which dog produces the most fatalaties from their bites, the answer is overwhelmingly pit-bull,
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What breed of dog has the most documented cases of biting people nationwide?

It may surprise you, but Cocker Spaniels are right near the top ofthe list... and have been for seven or eight years now. Most of thebites reported tend to be from large dogs, and that's simplybecause they do the most damage. However, I wouldn't be at allshocked to learn that the real "bite leaders" (MORE)

What is the most aggressive dog breed?

The three most aggressive dog breeds (google this and you'll find my sources): . Dachshund . Chihuahua . Jack Russel Terrier The previous answer stating the most aggressive breeds are the 'pit bull' (which isn't an actual dog breed anyway and more of a "type"), German Shepherd, and Rotweil (MORE)

What breed of dog is most dangerous?

The most dangerous dogs are those that are not properly cared for, trained, socialized, housed, and fed. Breed makes little difference. Another answer The most dangerous dog to other people that are not in its direct family is the Fila Brasileiro. They were and still are raised to love and a (MORE)

What dog has the most powerful bite?

The Dogue De Bordeaux has the largest head and the strongest skull and bite force in the whole K-9 world. The mastiff breeds have the most powerful bites out of any dogs, no matter which breed it is.

What is the most profitable dog for breeding?

German Wirehaired Pointers . Well they may not be the "most" profitable breeding dogs, but I know that German Wirehaired Pointers are very valuable dogs. I own one myself and she was very pricey. I have seen the puppies for sale for over $2,000. . There isn't one. Speaking from the point of a p (MORE)

What is the most dangerous breed of dog?

Any dog can be dangerous if it is not taken care of properly and is abused. One that is not socialized. the above answer is wildly imprecise. a badly taken care of Chiwawa is obviously nothing like as dangerous as a badly cared for pittbull. top ten lists of most dangerous dogs, who have bee (MORE)

Most popular breed of dog?

Defiantly the Golden Retriever. Next is the Labrador Retriever According to the Guinness World Records , the most popular dog breed in 2010 was the Labrador Retriever. It is also the most popular breed in America and Great Britain in the same year. The Labrador Retriever well the lab dog ,golden r (MORE)

What breed of dog attacks most?

The only way to answer this question is if a unbiased person was able to get info from hospitals around the country about what types of dogs has been reported for the most attacks/bites. But the real question you should ask is what type of owner raises a dog that attack. Sadly, people blame th (MORE)

What is the most rare breed of dog?

A pair of the rarest dogs in the world, Snow Lions, (aka: white Tibetan Mastiffs) are for sale for $1.2 million. They are the only breeding pair outside of China in the entire world. www.snowliontibetanmastiffs.com

What is the most killer dog breed?

My vote goes to the Bull Mastiff, breed to hunt poacher, silent and200 lbs of bulging muscle. Called night hounds. 2nd Answer: Voting has nothing to do with it. According to statistical records,pit bulls are responsible for close to 70% of all human deaths.Pits are deadly because they attack hard, (MORE)

What is the most obedient breed of dog?

\n. Once trained, Collies are extremely obedient. Untrained, their willingness to please often translates as being 'a bit loopy' as they don't understand what you want and run-around in a mad way. . \n. Once trained, Collies are extremely obedient. Untrained, their willingness to please often tr (MORE)

What is the most common breed of dogs?

1. Labrador Retriever 2. Golden Retriever 3. Yorkshire Terrier This info is from 2010, and this is based on number of registeredpurebreds with the American Kennel Club.

What breed of dog has the most fur?

Probably the Komondor. They have long, beaded, protective fur. They were bred with this fur not just to protect them from the cold but mostly to protect the dog from wolf bites when it is fighting wolves. Also to protect against bear bites. Although they rarely encounter bears. They have the most (MORE)

Which dogs bite the most people?

Pitbulls are very commonly known to harm humans if kept in a unclean, dirty area and has not been fed which also leads to anger... Also its the same with German Sheppards, but if kept in a clean area, fed daily, and loved you'll have no problem at all with pitbulls and German sheppards.

What is the most affactionate breed of dog?

i think it is all how u bring the dog up!! if brought up well then a pup would b more affectionate to u when gets older than starting with an adult dog!! its all about how its brought up

What canine breed has the most bite pressure?

THis is false. I know that an English Mastiff has a bite pressure of 550-600 lbs. per sq. inch so it is much stronger then a doberman bite. that is not true also a rotweilers teeth is like a lions theire theet are thin but the strongest canine bite goes to the doberman theire theet are like a tig (MORE)

What breed of dog has the most puppies?

the bigger the dog the more puppies it can have. smaller dogs like jack russles have around four pups whereas bigger dogs ie. boxers can produce around eight.

List dog breeds by bite strength?

Labrador Retriever- 125 pounds of force . Dutch Shepherd- 230 pounds of force . American Pit Bull Terrier- 235 pounds of force . German Shepherd- 238 pounds of force . American Bulldog- 300 pounds of force . Rottweiler- (MORE)

What is the most athletic dog breed?

There is really no such thing as the MOST athletic dog breed, but there are certainly some breeds that excel when it comes to speed, agility, and endurance. Many people would agree that the Border Collie is a superb athelete because of its ability to herd and compete in sporting events such as agili (MORE)

What dog breed does not bite?

\nStaffordshire Bull Terriers tend to not bite as much as other breeds, but it all comes down to how the dog is bred, treated, fed and exercised and what kind of personality it has. Potentially, any dog can bite.

Which dog bites the most?

Pitbulls are (absolute mongrels) Hogwash! That is an answer borne out of pure uninformed prejudice In some localities, the pitbull is the breed involved in most dog bites, however, according to throughout the U.S., mixed breeds are involved in most bites, and that the two pure breeds most o (MORE)

What are the most biting dog breeds?

pit bulls, which is why most countries have banned people from owning them. The CDC concluded (FWIW): "As in recent years, Rottweilers were the most commonly reported breed involved in fatal attacks, followed by pit bull-type dogs... Together, these 2 breeds were involved in approximately (MORE)

What dogs bite the most?

1.German police dogs 2.Chow 3.Poodle 4.Italian Bulldog 5 .Fox Terrier small dogs bite much more often than larger dogs but because the bite is much less severe it is hardly ever reported....

What is the most liked breed of dogs?

I think ( and this is me ) that the Border Collie or German Shepard would be the most liked breed of a dog. I myself have 2 beautiful Border Collies and i love them dearly. They and German Shepard are like the same. They may be a bit more harder to look after but they love you and will always give y (MORE)

What is the most trusted dog breed?

The Lab, and golden retriever, are the most recongnized, but pitbulls scored way higher on the behaviour test, if you are looking for a very loyal dog, the get a pitbull puppy.

What is the most populair dog breed?

According to Wikipedia, the Labrador Retriever breed has the most number of registration in the United States. It became popular because of its intelligence, alertness, loyalty, and socialization characteristics with humans and other animals.

What dog breed has most reported bites in US?

It is very difficult to get an accurate count in dog bite statistics because most of the time they are not reported and if they are reported it is often not known what the breed of dog is. However, the statistics that are available do not show pit bulls as most likely to bite. In fact, when tests we (MORE)

Which breed of dog bites most?

There is not a breed of dog that is known for being a biting breed.Although there are several breeds that are know to be aggressivesuch as Dobermans, Pit Bulls, and Rottweiler's. This is at debatenot a proven fact. What is proven is a matter of statistics. Pitbulls (and pit bull mixes) have overwhel (MORE)

What is the most visious dog breed?

There is no such thing as a vicious breed! ANY breed of Dog can become aggressive if it is not socialized and trained properly and responsibly. It may surprise you to learn that in actual fact the highest number of Dog bites come from Dachshunds (sausage dogs), with Chihuahuas being second. There ar (MORE)

Top five breeds reported dog bites?

According to the official Dog Bite Claims website, the top 5 breeds for reported Dog bites are as follows (this may surprise you): 1) Dachshunds 2) Chihuahua 3) Jack Russell Terrier 4) Australian Cattle Dog 5) Cocker Spaniel

What are the most mean breeds of dogs?

10. is an Dalmatian sweet but around small children a real killer in quite a number of misfortunes 9. Kerry blue terriers are not heard of well but they have a reputation for killing other pets dogs and disfiguring and killing ordinary strangers 8. doberman pinschers may seem sweet b (MORE)

What dog breed is the most energetic?

Greyhounds are extremely energetic and they love to run. No dog is necessarily the most energetic in the world. Dogs each have different personalities and skills but the greyhound is a very energetic breed.

What hamster breeds bites the most?

Wild, European hamsters are quite fearless, and will attack anything they perceive as a threat, be it a dog, or even a human. As for pet hamsters, Campbell's Dwarf hamsters are known as being the least friendliest towards humans. They can be tamed of course, despite this.

Can you breed a dog that has an under bite?

If the dog has not been spayed or neutered, then yes, it is possible to breed it. But it would be highly discouraged to breed any dog that has such a physical abnormality. The genetics that caused the underbite in your dog could easily be passed on to the resulting puppies.

What dog breed bites the least?

It depends on the owner and their training. If the dog isn't socialized as a puppy, it will bite more. However, if it is socialized very well as a puppy, you'll have a riendly dog.

Which is the most active dog breed?

i would say the Australian Shepherd is very active i would know i have one she is always playing if she is is not she is begging to play she hurt herself playing a few moths ago oh i am a hobo named hanna the hobo hello i am hanna hobo you should know my sister cayla crazy she is a crazy hobo also

How can pit bulls be the most biting dog breed if German shepperds bites people the most it says it right at the bottom of this page?

Pit bulls tend to have a bad name especially when it comes to the media. I have never met a Pit that has bitten someone without some form of self defense or abuse involved. For the most part, they are very loyal dogs and will only lash out when they are neglected. My brother breeds Pit bulls and (MORE)

Do you have to report if your dog bite another dog?

No, not unless your dog has a disease like rabies. Normally, dogs bite each other when they play, and while it may seen violent, in most cases they're just wrestling (like teenage brothers in the living room with pillowfights). Unless they're drawing blood, there's nothing to worry about.

What is the most unwanted dog breed?

I would guess a pit bull is a breed that most people do not want because of what people have heard or read and because of media coverage. The media does not cover much bites and or attacks by other breeds. Any dog can attack, but no one will write about it because it is not a good story. The pit bul (MORE)

What dogs bite the most humans?

Labradors. BUT, It all depends on how you discipline your dog. No dog is ever born visicious like how no one is born a criminal.