What dog breed has most reported bites in US?

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It is very difficult to get an accurate count in dog bite statistics because most of the time they are not reported and if they are reported it is often not known what the breed of dog is. However, the statistics that are available do not show pit bulls as most likely to bite. In fact, when tests were conducted by the American Temperament Testing Society (ATTS), Pit Bulls received a passing score better than some breeds who are considered nice dogs, such as Beagles and Golden Retrievers! Also, as stated above, there are several dog breeds commonly referred to as pit bulls. So, based on that alone, they are much more likely to be blamed for an attack than other breeds because the number of dogs called pit bulls is skewed far higher than the actual number of American Pit Bulls Terriers there really are
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What dog breed has most reported bites?

The dog breed most likely to bite was not the Pit Bull, Rottweiler,or German Shepherd, but �wait for it�the Dachshund. And secondwas the Chihuahua, f

What are the most biting dog breeds?

pit bulls, which is why most countries have banned people from owning them. The CDC concluded (FWIW): "As in recent years, Rottweilers were the most commonly report

Which breed of dog bites most?

There is not a breed of dog that is known for being a biting breed.Although there are several breeds that are know to be aggressivesuch as Dobermans, Pit Bulls, and Rottweiler

Top five breeds reported dog bites?

According to the official Dog Bite Claims website, the top 5 breeds for reported Dog bites are as follows (this may surprise you): 1) Dachshunds 2) Chihuahua 3) Jack Russell