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What dream does george and Lennie share?

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To start their own ranch, and Lennie can tend the Rabbits
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In of mice and men Why can't George and Lennies dream come true?

The dream can not come true because Lennie accidently killed Curley's Wife. Because of that Curley wanted to make sure that Lennie died a slow and painfull death. Luckily George found Lennnie first and killed him in a way that Lennie was not scared, nor could he feal any pain.

What dreams does george and Lennie share?

"We could live offa the fatta the lan'." This was George and Lennie's dream and also the dream of thousands of people at that time. In life everybody has to have a dream whether they are rich or poor. In 'Of mice and men', Steinbeck shows that the dream of all the ranchmen amount to the same thing, (MORE)

What is lennies dream in Of Mice and Men?

From the beginning of the story Lennie and George ride high on the thought of someday owning a farm. For Lennie, it is the expectation of simply being able to pet animals all day long.

Who is George and Lennie?

George and Lennie are the Two anti-heroes of Steinbeck's novel "OF Mice and Men. They both had desired by the Great Depression in 1930 and live together as one. It is important to find out how much their relationship is bonded. Their desire made them to work together. Therefore George gave Lennie a (MORE)

Why does candy want to join george and Lennie in their dream?

Curley's wife and Crooks, two cynics, scoff at the dream of Lennie and George as being unrealistic, but Candy sees its possibility and its beauty. He offers to give his life savings to help make the dream a reality, for he wants to join George and Lennie on the farm, living out his last days in happ (MORE)

Last prank george did on Lennie?

George told Lennie to jump into a river. Since Lennie always obeys George, he jumped in. However, he could not swim so he nearly drowned. After this incident, George never pranked Lennie again.

What is the dream that Lennie begs george to repeat?

Lennie never tires of hearing George talk about their shared dream of one day owning their own piece of land. In particular, Lennie always wants to hear about how they will have rabbits. Other details of their American dream include a nice house, living off the land, and owning animals.

How does george prepare Lennie for death?

George prepares Lennie by making him think of the land 'with the rabbits' that they are going to buy and makes him picture it so he will be distracted when George shoots him.

What effect did George have on Lennie?

george made Lennie feel strong he needed george to live and Lennie took evey word george said and though he forgot he would always turn to george and ask for him to help as there is a bit in the book that says george told Lennie to jump of a bridge into water and Lennie did even thought he could not (MORE)

What does george and Lennie dream to do one day?

It is George and Lennie's dream to one day have their own piece of land and a farm of their own, where they run it and can do as they please with it. And where they have rabbits that Lennie will get to tend to.

Was George justified in what he did to Lennie?

Somewhat yes, because if he did not do it then; when Lennie was peaceful and in his own happy thoughts, then the other farm hands would have done it themselves while he was scared and probably felt alone because George disowned him in some ways. But then again no, because he could have taken Lennie (MORE)

Why did Lennie and george leave?

They left the farm at the end of the novel because Lennie killed Curly's wife and would have been lynched. Lennie remembered to "run and hide in the brush" which is where George found him and saved him from being lynched by shooting him. If George hadn't left then he may have ended up being lynched (MORE)

How does crooks feel about lennies dream?

At first, he finds it ridiculous; however, he is charmed by its simplicity and wishes to make it a part of his future too, but when he Lennie leaves Crooks' room, he is resentful and condemns the dream as an impossibility.

What secret does Lennie share with crooks?

Lennie tells Crooks about the plan he and George have (and now Candy as well) to get a little farm together. Lennie will be able to tend the rabbits, and as he and Crooks sit in Crooks' room out in the barn, Candy is in the bunkhouse "figurin' and figurin'" about the rabbits and how they might be ab (MORE)

Do you think George and Lennie manage to fulfill their dream?

No, not at all. Their dream is to have a farm together and to live off 'the fatta land', to tend rabbits, to have cows, pigs and to have their own land. This dream is also Candy's as well, who sort of hitch hikes onto the back of it half way through the novel after overhearing them. The dream was a (MORE)

What does George and Lennie want to buy?

George and Lennie dreamed of buying and owning a small amount of land, just like any man does. ( the American dream) They were going to work at the ranch just until they got enough money to buy the little shack, were they would grow rabbits, puppies, chickens, alfalfa for the rabbits, etc.... But th (MORE)

What is George warning to Lennie?

One warning that George give Lennie is to stay away from Curley because he fears that if Curley tries to fight with Lennie, Lennie will hurt Curley, and they will lose their jobs. He also says to stay away from Curley's wife.

What does Lennie think about george?

Lennie clearly loves George. We know this because he obeys every order from George. George is a father/brother figure to Lennie. Lennie respects him very much but due to his retardness he always ends up in trouble and poor George ALWAYS has to deal with it or suffer.

Where do George and Lennie work?

George and Lennie are two very different men who are searching for a job and when they finally find one it is at a ranch with other workers. They don't really have specific individual jobs, they do what they are told as the day goes on. Also for the characters Lennie and George are total opposites, (MORE)

Why does george Lennie candy and crooks want a dream ranch?

George is simply after the American Dream. Freedom and being able to become your own boss and have your own land is what he desires. Lennie is set on tending the rabbits, and defending them from the cats that dare threaten them. Lennie is dependent on George, so what George wants, Lennie wants too, (MORE)

Who how and why did george kill Lennie?

George killed Lennie by shooting him with Carlson's Luger (gun). He killed him out of mercy, love, and friendship because Curley and the other men were coming after Lennie (becaus he accidentally killed Curley's wife) and Curley wanted to make die a slow and ainful death bu shooting him in the guts. (MORE)

What happened to the dream at the end of the novel for both Lennie and George?

There is hope for George when referring to the dream since he might live it with Slim. Slim is to George as George was to Lennie. They both like doing similar things and have alike personalities. There is a glimmer of a happy ending for them both, now that they can go into the real world without the (MORE)

Why is this dream so important to Lennie and George in the Of Mice and Men?

This dream is so important to both men because it is the extreme important part of the book because it is what makes Lennie and George's friendship unique. Also this dream is so important to both men because it will represent their independent and freedom so they don't enjoy having to be migrant wor (MORE)

What link George to Lennie?

Because of Lennie's simple mind, when Lennie's aunt passed away George promised to look after him and so when ever Lennie gets in trouble George has to help him get out of it. And also when they first come to work at the ranch the boss asks George who Lennie is to him he says hes his cousin. George (MORE)

What was Georges speech about to Lennie?

about the american dream where they buy a place with one bedroom, a barn with chickens, goats and maybe a cow with lennie getting to tend the rabbits. they were also going to have a fruit and vegetable patch in able to live of the fatta the land

What happened to the dream george and Lennie share?

It never happened as lennie killed curlys wife and a vigilante group was sent to kill him but george found lennie first and shot him in the back of the head while telling him about the dream and as lennie was not around anymore he couldnt do it without him