What eats ants?

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Spiders, lizards, birds, etc...
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Do ants eat other ants?

Actually, many ant species pray on other ant species. For example, many army ants, found throughout the tropics, prey on other ants' brood (immature ants, such as eggs and la

What eats ants and termites?

A simple Google search should have sufficed, but I guess some people like to spam utterly useless questions so that much more important questions won't even have as little as

How do you eat an ant?

Pull off its legs and swallow it. One ant does not make a meal, even the largest ones. You can have them fried, pressed into cakes with honey, or even fried and chocolate c
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What eats ants in a ranforest?

It depends on the kind of ant and the kind of rainforest. Animals that eat large kinds of ants like leafcutter ants major workers might not even notice tiny kinds of ants like