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What do ants eat?

Ants like sweet things like watermelon and honeydew. Some ants eat dead insects! They also eat other small insects and crumbs you leave laying around. Almost anything. They especially like sugar and sweet things. They love scraps of everything. They just take the food without caring what it is and b (MORE)

How do ants eat?

When an ant wants to go ahead and eat their food their pincers break down the food so that they may eat it.

What does an ant eat?

Different species differ widely in their diets and may be carnivorous, herbivorous, or omnivorous. . Members of some species eat honeydew from plants infested with aphids and certain other insects; . others, called dairying ants, feed and protect the aphids and "milk" them by stroking. . Har (MORE)

Do worms eat ants?

If they are dead and decomposed, yes.If you piut in live ants, they may attack your worms.

What ant eats people?

Ants do not eat people. Though some ants will sting and bite ifthey fell that they are being threatened.

Is it safe to eat ants?

Yes, people all over the world eat ants. As to how good they taste, that's another story. One potential danger is that if you don't know where the ants have been, you may be ingesting potential toxins (pesticides).

What does a ant eat?

dead insect,grains,other insect,ants in the ground ( NOT THE SAME AS THEM), underground insect, etc.

Do toads eat ants?

I found a baby toad and i was wondering if they ate black ants because that is all i could find... please answer.. ANSWER: . They eat a variety of insects. Ants, grasshoppers, crickets and earthworms. If you are truly concerned about the toad, just let him go. They hunt during the day and in the (MORE)

What happens if you eat ants?

If you eat a a live black ant it will not do anything to you, but it actually provides protein and fiber. Red ant, just the same.

What happens if you eat ant poison?

There may be gastrointestinal upset of ant poison is eaten. Thebest thing to do is contact poison control to see what steps needto be taken.

Can you eat an ant?

Yes. They can pinch/bite you though so watch out, try removing the head before you eat it.

What plants do ants eat?

well, the ants can eat lot of things such aas trucks, boys, toys, and little grown mature and pregnated girls... if you dont believe me, then go on the discovery cahnnel and they are depicted as one of the most extreme animals to live on the face of he earth. hope his answer helps

Do skunks eat ants?

Yes, the skunks do eat the ants. Other than the ants the skunksalso eat the centipedes, millipedes, earthworms, wasps and cricketsalso guard honey bees. Other than that skunks also eats animalslike ducks, chicken, fish and much more. They are omnivorous so caneat anything.

What eat ant?

\nMany birds and large insects eat ants, but the best-known thing which eats ants is the Anteater - a mammal with a long snout and sticky tongue which it uses to get ants out of anthills.

What eats the ants?

Anteaters eat ants. But if you live in North America you need birds and bears. Many types of American birds eat ants along with berries and other insects. Attracting large numbers of these birds would benefit the land owner with an ant population problem. Bears also love ants, fish and honey. If you (MORE)

What do ants eats?

ants will eat almost anything! They need sugar and salty things for there exo-skeleton to grow. But ants are mostly herbivores! they eat just about anything edible, most ants eat small insects like grasshoppers, slugs, and bees

Who eats ants?

a stupid person :). and a big black hole called the a$$ of time ants are eaten bye ant eater's

Do ants eat other ants?

Actually, many ant species pray on other ant species. For example, many army ants, found throughout the tropics, prey on other ants' brood (immature ants, such as eggs and larvae). Some are specialized on invading the nests of other ants and grabbing the immature from the nest. When this happens, i (MORE)

How does the ant eat?

First the ant will get its food,(which are other ants) kill it by using its powerful stingers to sting the other ant in the neck. Then once it is dead start to rip it apart, and eat it.

Do ants eat earthworns?

Ants will eat any living (or dead) thing they can bring into their colony even if they have to rip it apart alive. I've seen it.

Do ants eat Glue?

No, ants typically do not eat glue. In fact, if an ant comes incontact with glue, the ant will usually get stuck on the surface ofthe glue and die.

How do army ants eat?

they swarm it and then they injecy it with an acid using its pincers and then they take it back to its layer

Do ants eat bananas?

Ants are pests which survive on anything that has nutrition. so yes, if it just on the floor but normally they probably wouldn't eat a banana

Do tadpoles eat ants?

yes,they can eat ants they dont even need arms and legs amazing isn't it. Gust pop a few in and they will eat them. I haven't fed them ants yet but i will becouse someone wrote a comment on it.

Can a centipede eat an ant?

Yes centipedes eat ants. It is a part of their already complex diet. The centipede is one of the very few ant predators. hope this helps :)

Do ants eat dirt?

There are somewhere around 12,000 species of ants around the world,but none of them eat dirt. Some ants eat vegetables, some eatprotein in the form of dead bugs, and some ants will even eatapples and other sweet tasting foods.

How do you eat an ant?

Pull off its legs and swallow it. One ant does not make a meal, even the largest ones. You can have them fried, pressed into cakes with honey, or even fried and chocolate covered as a tasty, crunchy snack. (Avoid the ones that have venom. Unlike the poison from honeybees, the formic acid can c (MORE)

Do a carpenter ant eat wood?

Yes, like termites. But don't call an exterminator they mostly just destroy even more wood to get to the main scource. It would be easier to do it yourself. You take wasp killer because wasps and ants are closely related, then you spray it on all of your would like your walls and stuff, they won't g (MORE)

Will ants eat there own colony?

It matters what ant it is. Most ant types will never eat there own colony. If you are thinking this is true because your ants are attacking each other that is because they are from different colonys, they will naturally kill each other because they are not from the same place.

Can crickets eat ants?

Crickets will eat ants if that is one of the food sourcesavailable. Some other things crickets will eat include fleas,flies, grass, and sticks.

Your ant praying mantis does not eat what do you do?

well if it is not an adult it might be getting ready to molt (shed skin)so take out all food as the live food may eat the mantis during molt. if its an adult it might be getting ready to lay eggs or it might be dieing

Is food safe to eat with ants in it?

It varies in poison, from the fire ant to the sugar ant, there are many different ants you can consume. I hope this has helped you. Thanks, Isabella As Isabella said, ants differ in how safe it is to eat them. Most are OK, but have a sharp taste. Some kinds have been used instead of pepper ( (MORE)

What does a leafcutter ant colony eat?

Fungus is what a colony of leafcutter ants [ Atta spp , Acromyrmex spp ] eat. That's why they slice out leafy chunks with their scissor-sharp jaws. The leaves are so important to growing the underground fungus that small but ferocious guard ants ride atop the leaves that the cutters bring back (MORE)

What do leafcutter ants eat?

Fungus for larvae and sap for adults are whatleafcutter ants eat. Specifically, the ants in question ( Acromyrmex and Atta spp) cut and transport fresh flowers, grasses andleaves. The fresh vegetation feeds colonies in the fungal family Agaricaceae . Leafcutter ants grow antimicrobial bacteriaon (MORE)

Will ants eat cereal?

Big cereal eating ants! And they love coco pops and Kelogs Crunchy nut and weet-bix.

Can crested geckos eat ants?

Ants are not something breeders provide for their pets, these insects are barely even seen, and if they are spotted the gecko will most likely have to grab a mouthfull of substrate to grab the insect. This can cause Impaction and kill your pet. Ants are also probably coming from outside, where th (MORE)

Do rabbits eat ants?

No rabbits do not eat ants. Ants however do like some of theveggies and fruits that rabbits do eat.

Why do ants not eat dark chocolate?

Rover ants scout for food supplies then take it back to the nestfor the larvae to consume. Depending on the presents of pesticides,the ant might die from exposure.

Do Florida lovebugs eat ants?

No. Lovebugs are small, slow herbivorous insects that feed on the pollen and nectar found in flowers. They do not have mandibles and do not feed on other insects.

Can you eat bull ants?

Yes you can eat bull ants but first you have to break off its head and you can eat them raw. Next time you see one see if you have the guts to eat one. That's your challenge!

Can a worm eat an ant?

No worms cannot eat ants, worms can eat only soil as there digestive system is not compatible for digesting other animals.

What do leopards eat that eat ants?

Leopards are carnivores so eat meat. The type of prey depends on where the leopards are residing. However ants will eat almost any type of food provided it can be broken down easily or is very sweet. However often ants eat fungus (The fungus is fed by the ants on rotting material such as plant matte (MORE)