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What eats macaw porrots?

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Larger birds, big cats, etc.
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Do macaws eat butterflies?

Yes, they need the protein to lay down the colors of their  feathers. Butterflies offer a high protein content minus the fat  they would get from eating nuts and other prote

What does the macaw eat?

Macaws eat primarily seeds, nuts, and fruit. using their beaks they break open the seed and eat up!. but inside some of the seeds are poisonous chemicals. how do macaews eat t

What do wild macaws parrots eat?

Macaws eat a variety of foods including fruits, palm fruits, nuts, seeds, leaves, flowers, and stems. Wild species may forage widely, over 100 km (62 mi) for some of the large

What eats a scarlet macaw?

the main predator is the harpy eagke, but monkeys, snakes, and toucans also eat them.

What eats macaws?

Jaguars, ocelots, big cats, hawks e.t.c.    Tigers, lions, jaguars, hawks, eagles. Basically, all big cats and  big birds

What kind of seeds does Macaw eat?

Just about any kind of seed it wants to eat. The macaws beak is one of the strongest tools in the animal kingdom. There isn't a seed on this planet that a macaw can't open. Th

Do macaws eat citrus fruits?

Yes, but dont give it in in excess as it may cause the iron excess disease in your macaw although it is very improbable.

What do macaw parrots like to eat?

A Macaw will eat any thing you do. + stuff you cant. LOL. Some love hot red dried peppers. Just watch out for its kisses. Realy. Corn carrots peas beef chicken pork fish

What does the macaw eat and what does the macaw get eaten bys the macaw?

Macaws in South America will eat fruit and clay. Yes clay, it helps the digestive system. Macaws are NOT eaten by other macaws. They can be eaten by jaguars and other jungle c

What does a macaw eat?

According to all the Macaw pet owners that I keep reading about,  they all say that a Macaw needs a good percentage of oils and fats  in their diets. This can be found in fo