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Larger birds, big cats, etc.
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What does a macaw eat?

According to all the Macaw pet owners that I keep reading about,  they all say that a Macaw needs a good percentage of oils and fats  in their diets. This can be found in fo

What eats macaws?

Jaguars, ocelots, big cats, hawks e.t.c.    Tigers, lions, jaguars, hawks, eagles. Basically, all big cats and  big birds

What does the macaw eat?

Macaws eat primarily seeds, nuts, and fruit. using their beaks they break open the seed and eat up!. but inside some of the seeds are poisonous chemicals. how do macaews eat t

What does Macaws eat?

Macaws eat nuts, fruits, and seeds. They usually stand on one foot and use their sharp, hooked beak and strong tongue to crack nuts.

A macaw eats?

  Seeds that are native to south america   Bird food,unsalted shelled peanuts,spray millet,they drink water,and need attention.

What eats the macaw?

the animals that eat the macaw are snakes, jaguars, lions and many other carnivores, and other big birds.

What does the macaw eat and what does the macaw get eaten bys the macaw?

Macaws in South America will eat fruit and clay. Yes clay, it helps the digestive system. Macaws are NOT eaten by other macaws. They can be eaten by jaguars and other jungle c

Why does a macaw eat?

Macaws eat large nuts such as the macodamain nut also many fruits.
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When does a macaw eat?

usually bird food. you know basically the dried corn kernels that are mixed with the stuff in the bags. if you want more ideas ask a local pet store assistant.