What eats the Komodo Dragon?

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The Komodo Dragon is a large reptile, adults can reach 2-3 meters. The species is indigenous to the islands of Komodo, Rinca, Flores and Gili Motang in Indonesia. Inhabiting these islands the species are isolated from any potential predators that may kill and feed upon them. That is not to say nothing eats the Komodo Dragon. A dead one may be have its flesh consumed by a bird of prey.

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Adult Komodo dragons do not have any natural enemies, but they are cannibalistic and will raid unguarded Komodo dragon nests to eat the eggs and will eat hatchling and juvenile Komodos. One source estimates that 10% of the adult diet consists of juvenile Komodos. The hatchlings could be consumed by any predator, including their mother.
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Where do komodo dragons eat?

Komodo dragons eat wherever the carcass they are going to eat happens to be. They usually scavenge; in cases where they hunt, they bite the victim (usually a deer), and within

What eats komodo dragon?

Crocodiles and tigers are possible predators. A python will kill asmall komodo dragon, but never a large adult.

Do komodo dragons eat other komodo dragons?

They actually can, but it really depends if they are SUPER hungry and they cannot find anything else, they can eat each other but it would be like they are now against their o

What do komodo dragons eat a lot?

A large portion of the diet of Komodo dragons is carrion. Their main prey animals are deer. Their overall diet consists of invertebrates, reptiles, birds and eggs, small mamma

How does a komodo dragon eat food?

They eat their food by ripping the animal with their mouth holding it tightly in its mouth causing the animal to tare apart so the Komodo Dragons can eat it.

What do baby komodo dragon eat?

well insects that's all as they grow gotta watch out they then on eat beef probally if you have this as a pet you will have to give him/her the whole thanksgiving turkey
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Do komodo dragons eat pythons?

Komodo dragons will prey on pythons if given the chance.
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What eats a komodo dragons?

Crocodiles will hunt komodo dragons if they are in water. Tigersand large pythons will kill them by ambush.
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Can a komodo dragon eat a komodo dragon?

Yes. This has been known to happen frequently. Komodo dragons areat the top of their food chain, so there is nothing hunting THEM.The only thing that hunts them is each other,