What economic impact did the challenger disaster have?

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The Challenger disaster certainly did lead to a harsh economic impact.

An average space shuttle launch costs about $450 million. Because STS-51L (Challenger's final mission) was a failure, the money spent preparing the mission was lost.

As a result of the disaster, in 1987 the United States Congress authorized the construction of a new space shuttle to replace Challenger. Rockwell International was contracted to build the Space Shuttle Endeavour. Although Endeavour was built using structural spares and some spare parts, its construction still cost about $1.7 billion.

The primary objective of STS-51L was to deploy the TDRS-B (Tracking and Data Relay Satellite) communication satellite for use by NASA. The satellite cost NASA about a quarter of a billion dollars. TDRS-B was later replaced by TDRS-G on STS-70 in 1995.

Another big impact from the Challenger disaster was the cost of the investigation into the accident, correcting problems that lead to the accident, improving Space Shuttle safety, and replacing lost equipment. In 1986, NASA estimated these as costing $240.5 million in 1986 and $245 million in 1987. However the actual costs were larger.

There are many other NASA projects and economic factors that were impacted by the Challenger disaster. For instance, NASA's part-time astronaut program and the Air Force's Vandenberg AFB launches were canceled. Calculating the total economic impact of the Challenger disaster is probably impossible.
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Cause of challenger disaster?

The extreme cold the night before lift off caused the rubber on the O-rings to shrink. The O-ring became to small to close the joint properly. Hot gases escaped and damaged 1

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it was caused by the leacking of the right solid rocket booster field joint. the fire eruped and burned thru the enternal tank. then seconds after the tank ignited, the orbite

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There was a small flame on the ET (External Tank) Space Shuttle Challenger was so high into the sky at that time that mission control could not see it. They continued for thro

Where did the challenger disaster explode?

The challenger exploded about 73 seconds after liftoff. It was just off the coast of central Florida. The parts of the spacecraft rained down in the Atlantic.
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How many people were in the challenger disaster?

7 people were killed in the Challenger Disaster: Commander- Francis Scobbie 1st Civilian Astronaut- Christa McAuliffe Gregory Jarvis Ronald McNair Ellison Onizuka
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The social impact may be immeasurable, it was a devastating loss oflife and also a loss of confidence in our American know-how. Itcame at a time where we really needed a boost
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An assembly of experts, including renowned physicist Richard Feynman, was composed to investigate the cause of the disaster. They concluded that unusually low temperatures
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A combination of faulty design of the solid rocket booster segmentjoints and deliberate progressive relaxation of launch safetyprocedures by NASA officials and the weather (th