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In the United States, you must complete at least three years of undergraduate college then apply to vet school. You must graduate from vet school, which is four years of graduate level study, with a DVM or VMD (depending upon the vet school, the degrees are equivalent).

Once in practice, to maintain a license you must complete ongoing continuing education throughout your professional career.
In the United States you must obtain a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) or Veterinary Medical Doctor (VMD) degree from one of 28 accredited colleges of veterinary medicine in the country. Admission to these colleges is very competitive, and you must complete at least three years of undergraduate college before you can apply to a vet school.

Outside of the United States you must complete 6-8 years of post-secondary education; the exact structure of the curriculum, the time frame and the name of the degree vary slightly depending upon the educational system of the individual country.

Regardless of the school you attend, you will be studying subjects ranging from communication skills to epidemiology to anatomy and physiology to molecular biology. Also, a veterinarian is typically trained on all major domestic species in their country of training; a veterinarian who wants to specialize further into either minor or non-domesticated species (such as reptiles or birds) would likely continue with additional training in that field after graduation from vet school.
, I am currently a Veterinarian. In some areas, the standards differ, but here is what I personally had to do to become one. Firstly, I volunteered and had a few jobs involving animals (shelter's, local vet's office etc.) and then in high school I took the following courses: trigonometry, biology, chemistry, animal science, and other science and math subjects. Once I graduated from H.S. I worked at internships. Then, I went to the University of Pennsylvania where I received my V.M.D. from graduating from Vet School. Finally, all of the schooling is done, and you now have to find an employer to pursue your career. You can do that by going on the Internet, going to local vets, applying for jobs that you have found, and other ways like that. Once you have found a job that is suitable for you, you will apply for it, post your resume, list other information (as well as your veterinary medicine), and meet with your employer. Once you have found the perfect job, you are then officially working as a Veterinarian!
To become a veterinarian requires many years of education. First one needs an undergraduate degree, then an additional four years is required to receive a doctorate in veterinary science. After completing all necessary coursework, a national examination, and sometimes an additional state exam must be passed.
you need to study

Yh, you've got to study hard and do well at school to get the right grades. If you are in England then I think you need 6 A* at the least to be accepted into a vet school. Also, there is a lot of work experience involved, you have got to decide early on, at about fifteen if you are serious about becoming a vet, and then you can start work experience. You need about 400 hours of work experience.. I think. Look it up. Also research vet schools you might like to go to and what their standards and requirements are.
This varies depending upon the local and national laws regarding scope of practice and veterinary licensure. In general, however, you must complete an accepted (usually called accredited) curriculum in veterinary medicine at a college or university, pass a standardized test covering the scope of practice you will be practicing and receive a license to practice veterinary medicine.
In European countries, you need to have: A*-B/C in English, maths, biology, chemistry, physics, geography is a good idea, language (optional) and an A level in at least 2 out of these: Biology, physics, chemistry and maths. You also need to have some kind of experience in handling livestock or in a vet's surgery.

To become a veterinarian in the United States, you need to have a DVM or VMD degree. If you want to practice veterinary medicine, you also need to pass the NAVLE (Board exam), get a DEA license, become federally accredited and certified and get a State license to practice for the State you want to work in.
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