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What effect did the Battle of Bismarck Sea have on World War 2?

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The main targets were 7000 Japanese troops on troop transports attacked from the air. Less than 800 made it to the island of Lae, and as many as 3000 were killed.
Nothing as big as the Java Sea or Coral Sea nor Midway, but the "Bismarck Sea" did show what "airplanes only" could do in a airplane versus warship battle. The Air Force used "skip bombing" tactics to sink the Japanese vessels without the help of allied surface ships. The skip bombing was unique and effective, but everybody already knew about the deadly use of airplanes against ships. This had already been proven on 10 December 1941 when Japanese warplanes sank the British battleship HMS Prince of Wales and battlecruiser HMS Repulse with airpower alone.
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