What element do you use to beginning and end of the body of HTML document?

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The beginning and end of the BODY section of an HTML document is delineated by the <body> and </body> tags respectively. Together, these tags mark off the extent of what would be called the body element.
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What tag always begin HTML document?

Tags HTML BODY Elements . The HTML document begins,and ends with the tag . The element defines the whole HTML document. The element has a start tag and an end tag The S

What are the required elements for a simple HTML documents?

The basic requirements to use HTML are: 1. A Web browser like Mozilla or Internet Explorer that you can use to view your HTML pages 2. A text editor like notepad, textpad or e

What are the HTML elements that appear in the BODY element?

The body element can contain from nothing to all of a web page'scontent. It follows the closing head tag and goes until the closinghtml tag. So, pretty much anything that does

What are the main elements of HTML documents?

The main elements of an HTML document are the HTML element, the HEAD element, and the BODY element. To pass the W3C specifications, you also need to have the TITLE element.

What program do you use to open HTML documents?

You can open them with different things. A browser will display theweb page. Any text editor should be able to open the actual file soyou can see the code. Anything that can o