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What element is used to make plumbing pipes?

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Copper pipes are now most commonly used in plumbing. Lead pipes were used long ago, and the word plumbing is derived from the Latin word for lead (plumbum). Iron pipes were used until relatively inexpensive copper pipes became readily available during the twentieth century.
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What causes plumbing pipes to make a loud hum?

Excessive velocity or because of water hammer. which is when pipes are rattling around because they havent been secured properly or when pipes have come adrift from their sadd

Can black pipe be used in plumbing?

a black pipe can not be used in plumbing. Of course black pipe has many used in "plumbing" gas fitting and steam fitting Pneumatic lines are specified as black , Fire suppress

What is causing plumbing pipes to make banging noises?

  water rushing through it or it breaking   Well first of all ask yourself if the garbage disposal has sucked up any mice lately... or in some cases cats chasing the mi

Can you use PVC pipe for propane plumbing?

NO !!!! Must be Galvanized pipe with threaded fittings or Copper piping with flare fittings. If there ever was a fire, the PVC pipe would burn & burst allowing the propane gas

What are plumbing pipes?

The pipes which are used by plumbers for installation and  maintenance for the distribution of potable water for heating and  washing, water borne waste removal and drinking