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What else do slugs eat besides slugs?

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Slugs eat lots of things! They eat the tops of broccoli, lettuce, (a lot of lettuce) a little bit of apples. Things like that.
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What do slugs eat?

Slugs eat vegetables; lettuce leaves, carrots, and other softvegetables. That is why farmers hate slugs. Slugs feed on vegetation of all kinds: plant leaves, fruits,vegetable

What does slugs eat?

slugs eat many things; usually things such as vegetables (lettuce, broccoli, etc), or plants.

What eats slugs?

Lizards, spiders, snakes, raccoons, hedgehogs, frogs, shrews.

What eats the slug?

Some predators of slugs are frogs, different types of worms, and  ducks. Slugs are also often killed on accident by humans.

What will a slug eat?

Slugs will eat fruit and vegetables, preferably lettuce, broccoli, apples, and red pepper.

What do slugs eat with?

They have a rasp-like tongue which they scrape across leaves etc. this breaks off tiny particles of food, which it eats.

What else do fireflies eat besides snails and slugs?

Firefly larva eat snails and slugs, but the adults are thought to feed mostly on nectar and pollen from plants. The females of some species are known to capture and eat male f

When do slugs eat?

During the night is meal time for slugs [ Gastropoda ] since they're nocturnal feeders. Slugs tend to be environmentally friendly in the sense that their favorite foods are