What energy transformations occur in a hairdryer?

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Motor action occurs when electromagnetic energy (electricity) is converted into mechanical energy (rotation) by the fan motor. The fan then turns and air moves through the device. Electromagnetic energy (that same electricity) is also converted into thermal energy in the heating element, and from there the heat is transferred into the air as it passes by.
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What energy transformations occur in a tv?

A television receiver uses electrical energy, either from batteries or from the electrical outlet it's plugged into, and converts that energy into a tiny bit of light energy,

When does energy transformation occur?

You can transform thermal energy to electrical energy in a power plant, chemical energy to mechanical energy in an internal combustion engine, or nuclear energy into thermal e

What energy transformations occur in a house?

electrical in to heat (bulb) electrical in to light ( TV) electrical in to sound (speakers) electrical in to mechanical (air fan) mechanical in to heat mechanical in
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What energy transformation occurs in a blowdryer?

There are 2- electrical energy is transformed into mechanical energy in the motor that runs the blower- and it is transformed into heat in the heating elements.