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What ethnicity is Justin Bieber?

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He was born in Ontario, Canada. His father had a German great grandfather. His mother is of French Canadian ancestry.
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Where is Justin Biebers from?

Justin is from Stratford, a small town in Canada Justin Bieber is originally from Stratford, Canada

What race or ethnicity will justin bieber date?

hey. I think that Justin Bieber would date any race. I don't think he is the type of person who chooses. But if he is a certain religion and he could only date hid race, then

How do you get to Justin Bieber?

The easiest way would be to follow him on Twitter ( and "like" him on facebook ( he links his Twitter and Facebook posts t

What can Justin Bieber do?

Justin Bieber can play the trumpet, guitar, piano, drums, sing, rap, act, dance and more

Can you be with Justin Bieber?

Justin has said that he would date a fan, but of course he would have to fall in love with them. The thing is i don't think he'll want to date anyone anytime soon because hes

Who is Justin Bieber?

Justin Bieber was barely into his teens when he released hisplatinum-selling debut, My World, and became one of 2009's youngestsuccess stories. An Ontario, Canadian native, Bi

What does Justin Bieber do?

Justin Bieber is a famous pop singer for deaf people, he is famous on the deaf people community because they can´t hear him!

Would Justin Bieber date someone from another country nationality ethnicity or religion?

Justin would date anyone he falls in love with.... so you just  gotta catch his eye! He would date any one he fell in love maybe! I would, maybe. But I won't see you