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Jon and Kate Plus 8 ceased production in 2010 as the marriage of Jon and Kate Gosselin struggled and eventually ended in divorce. In the wake of the show, the couple did not agree on production issues and the show was halted while they worked out some details. A few months later, TLC introduce a new spin featuring just Kate and the children - without Jon Gosselin's involvement.
Kate Plus 8 continues to reappear seasonally with highlights of the children's lives, celebrations and holidays.
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Was Hope ever on the show 'Jon and Kate Plus 8'?

There is none names Hope on 'Jon and Kate plus 8.'  This is a pretty common question - and there are a couple of  reasons for the confusion:   One episode was dedicated t

What is Jon and Kate plus 8?

John and Kate Plus 8 is a TV show about a family with twins and sextuplets. They have filed for divorce in 2009, and since that time have gone through some very public proble

What happened to bev on Jon and Kate Plus 8?

  It seems as if they don't that much help anymore because the kids are getting more grown up and easier to take care of. I think they will be in the show later in the yea

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What happened to Nana on 'Jon and Kate Plus 8'?

Nana Joan moved back to her hometown of Tennessee. The Gosselins visited with her when they went to Memphis to visit St. Jude's Children's hospital.    Nana Janet just

What is 'Jon and Kate plus 8'?

'Jon & Kate Plus 8' is a reality show about husband Jon Gosselin and wife Kate Gosselin.   They have 8 children. Mady and Cara their twins, and sextuplets Hannah, Leah, Ale

Are Jon and Kate stopping 'Jon and Kate Plus 8'?

Jon Gosselin stopped filming of the show. TLC always said if any one (1) member of the Gosselin family wanted to stop the show.. they would bring 'Jon & Kate Plus 8' to an end

What happened to Taliah from 'Jon and Kate Plus 8'?

Taliah is still around, she was on 'Jon and Kate Plus 8' less often because their families spent less time together. Now that the show is canceled, she is probably living a no

What happened on Jon and Kate Plus 8 last Wednesday 7-8-09?

  No new episodes of 'Jon & Kate Plus 8' were broadcast between June 22 and August 3, 2009.   Whatever episode was broadcast on July 8, 2009 was a re-run. The schedule

Why did Jon and Kate do the show 'Jon and Kate Plus 8'?

Kate said that the reason for doing the show was to document the families life because life was too hectic for them to do it themselves. They didn't expect the show to become

What happened to the reality show 'Jon and Kate Plus 8'?

After 2 years (2007-2009), and 5 seasons, the reality television show 'Jon and Kate Plus 8' ceased production under the pressure of the the parent's divorce. The dad, Jon Go

What happened to 'Jon and Kate plus 8'?

'Jon and Kate Plus ' was on the air 2007-2009, featuring Jon and Kate Gosselin and their two sets of multiples [twins and sextuplets]. Jon Gosselin stopped filming of the show