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What is better iPhone 4 or Androids?

I am a phone salesperson, so I've dealt with a lot of phones. The iPhone is cool and all, but they have limited memory and apps. Android phones have a larger useable part of t (MORE)

What exactly is Android 4.0 aka ice cream sandwich?

It's an Update. You can update different "Updates" to your phone and it will not change the memory, just the layout and it's style. It has more actions and different launchers (MORE)

What is Silent Hill 4 about exactly?

Silent Hill 4 is the fourth part of the Silent Hill horror survival computing game series. It is developed by Team Silent, and published by the games company Konami.
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What exactly happens in phase 4?

There are many things that happen in phase 4 of Mitosis. In phase 4 of Mitosis, the prophase chromosomes separate into pairs. Spindle fibers begin to form.