What exactly is Android 4.0 aka ice cream sandwich?

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It's an Update. You can update different "Updates" to your phone and it will not change the memory, just the layout and it's style. It has more actions and different launchers to go with it. **Repro~ Why did they name it "Ice Cream Sandwich"?**
The reason is, they are naming it after desserts or sweets. The one coming up after Ice Cream Sandwich is Jellybean. Gingerbread is another Update. It's the original. With Gingerbread you don't have a launcher. Ice Cream Sandwich you have one. (EZ Launcher) If you don't like that specific launcher there is another ome you may choose. (GO Launcher) You may download it from the Play Store (Market) and it will soon update to different background and layout. (You may choose the theme that you like.) and that's all.

MAIN ANSWER: It's one of the A-Z Updates. (Desserts) ^^^
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The ice cream sandwich was probably invented in the summer of 1900 on the Lower East Side of New York City . [ citation needed ] July 5 , 1900 Washington Post contains this story from the New York Tribune : "The ice cream sandwich man, who sells quarter-inch layers of alleged ice cream (MORE)

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What exactly is Android?

android is a mobile operating system... like symbian, ios it is an open source and is developed by google...

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What is Android Ice Cream Sandwich?

Android Ice Cream Sandwich is next version of android OS. It will converge the formerly disparate phone and tablet versions of the OS. That means, it can work on both tabet PC and smartphone.

Will the Samsung Galaxy Indulge get the ice-cream sandwich update?

Maybe Someday... Firstly, with android you usually get an update that requires root access first. Then later comes the manufacturer update. Ice cream sandwich (4.0) is supposed to roll out in the for of an over the air (OTA) update to most phones that shipped with gingerberad (2.3). The Samsun (MORE)

Will it cost to upgrade to Android 4.0?

The upgrade to the Samsung I9100 from Android 2.3 to 4.0.3 is free. There is a tutorial: Title: How to update Samsung Galaxy S2 to Android 4.0.3 ICS (Ice Cream Sandwich) See the related link for further information.

Can you get android 4.0 on your galaxy s 2?

I believe not, Samsung has it locked out. However, you can download a vanilla version of Android, which lets you update. (Sorry, can't find the site right now) The Nexus phones, virtually the same thing, can update freely.

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Can htc explorer run ice cream sandwich?

yes!! , virtually it is possible because if desire c can run then why explorer not! .. Remembr tht both have same chipset same amount of ram same speed of processor...i never know tht why htc says ICS NEED MORE THAN 512 RAM , but at a same time htc says DESIRE C WHICH CAN RUN ICS ON 512 RAM SMOOTHLY (MORE)

Why wont my android 4.0 polaroid7 turn on?

first thing to do is check if it has any charge. than make sure that the battery is inserted correctly if you are not sure if it is charged or not plug it to the outlet and try to turn it on if none of the above work take it to a professional technician

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