What eye shadow goes with dark grey eyes?

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You could use a couple things.

One way to go is with warm browntones--warm khaki on the lid, warm beige on the brow and reddish-brown in the crease.

The other way is with a purplish range--medium purple on the lid, lilac on the brow and dark purple in the crease.
forest or olive green and grey-black.
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What colour eye shadow should you use if you have dark brown hair with reddish ginger highlights and blue eyes and pale freckled skin?

Of course the blues and the greens are going to look better over browns and maroons for you. Answer Yes I think blues and the greens are going to suit your look very much. well light blue would look nice or green! try mixing those colours up like green by ur eye lashes and light blue further (MORE)

Why do dark people have dark eyes?

The dark pigment in both eyes and skin serve the same purpose: protection from ultraviolet (UV) rays. People with dark skin usually have ancestry in tropical or subtropical latitudes, where UV rays are more intense. Having dark skin and dark eyes will allow greater protection from UV rays, reducing (MORE)

How do you use eye shadow?

hello. the way to use eye shadow is simple. All you do is dip your eye shadow brush into the eye shadow so that you can see it on the brush. Then you swipe it across your eye lids. Thats all you have to do! simple! The finish look: your eye lids should have the eye shadow colour that you hav (MORE)

How do you put on eye shadow?

To properly put on eye shadow, you must have a good eye shadow brush. An eye shadow brush should be about as big as your thumb nail (the bristles). You take your brush and pat it into the eye shadow of your choice. Once that is done, you apply the color in which you see on your brush, to your eye li (MORE)

Do eyes that are grey exist?

yes! of course they do there less common usually happen when one parent has blue eyes while other has green and they tend to change between the three colors usually being grey most of the time. i know because i have them

How much is red eye shadow?

It really depends on how red the eyeshadow is or the company. If it's a really good company, than it will be expensive. It is also hard to find in stores.

Are grey eyes rare?

Depends on where you go, in Eastern Europe they are very common but in America I would say they are rare. My eyes go from a bright blue to almost true grey. I would say they are a very recessive trait like brown eyes because only one grandfather had grey eyes and almost everyone in my family has o (MORE)

Are brown eyes stronger than grey or blue eyes?

\nThere is no correlation between the need for glasses, and the color of your eye. Brown eyes (in particular eyes of African descent) are more prone to glaucoma, blue eyes are more prne to macular degeneration.

If the mother has dark brown eyes and her mother has green eyes and her father has brown eyes and the father has grey eyes and his mother has blue eyes and his father has brown what about there baby?

Unless you know which set of alleles your parents passed onto you and which ones your spouse's parents passed on to him/her, this will be difficult to tell.. However, if we confine ourselves strictly to mother and father, brown eyes are dominant over grey eyes. In many cases then, we can conclude, (MORE)

What color of eye shadow looks best with fair skin but dark brown to black eyes?

Well it depends on how much makeup you wear and what occasion but here are some good seggustions: - if you are going on a date or going out somewhere, then you could try a deep pruple to make your eyes stand out. or try different bold colors, like limey eyes, which are harder to pull off. If you wa (MORE)

What is the name of the bold eye shadow?

There are a few. As far as brands go? Revlon sells an inexpensive line called HIP--means "high intensity pigments." MAC and Smashbox have expensive lines of bold shadows. But try this first before you buy special "bold" shadows: apply some of the shadow you have now with a bristle brush you dippe (MORE)

Is eye shadow harmful?

most are not unless its not a well known seller that is selling on a random website or sold on eBay so be careful wen buying from eBay cuz many seller replicate products that may have harmful ingredients or theyll add to the original product but for the most part no

Is eye shadow rubbish wikianswers?

If you're talking about what people think about eyeshadows, it depends. Some people think yes, some no. It's all up to you, if you think it is, or is not. If you're talking about the eyeshadow itself(the product) no, it's not. Eyeshadow helps you feel pretty, look pretty. Hope this helped!

How to use eye shadow?

You need: -A shadow base or primer (or face powder) -An eyeshadow brush -Three coordinating shades of Eyeshadow( Should be an Eyelid, Crease & Browbone Eyeshadow; Pick the colours that work best with your eyes and skin tone) Step 1: Apply the shadow base or primer to your eyelid. Use an applicator (MORE)

Can you use chalk as eye shadow?

umm why would you want to use chalk as eye shadow it'll rub off and you might be allergic to it heehee that's a funny question :)

Why do they put lead in eye shadow?

They used to make eye shadow out of lead because white lead powder sticks to your skin extremely well. They quit doing that, of course. The lead that's in modern eye shadows is in there unintentionally--some colorants are mined rock (as are a lot of the ingredients in mineral makeup), and that rock (MORE)

What do grey eyes look like?

Most people have blue or brown eyes, but some people do have eyes that are a greyish color. People whose eyes are grey have eyes that look perfectly normal, except the iris is a different color from what the majority have.

Where can you get the 88 eye shadow pallet?

The most common 88 eye shadow palette is made by Coastal Scents. This comes in three versions: Ultra Shimmer, Metal Mania or Warm. You can buy this palette at the Coastal Scents link below. or for free shipping at the Beauty Choice link below. Don't forget to prime your lids prior to applic (MORE)

What eye shadow to wear with grey hair?

Hair color is only one of the important factors when determining an eye shadow color. Typically, you should wear an eye shadow color that is opposite of your eye color. Personally, I think brown looks good on just about everyone.

Why does grey come in corner of your eyes?

Your question is somewhat ambiguous. I don't know for certain if you are seeing grey in the corner of your visual field, or if you have seen in a mirror that there is something grey in the corner of your eyes. In the former case, this might be an early symptom of a serious condition such as retinal (MORE)

What color makeup goes good with blue-green-grey eyes?

Blue eyes usually suit blue eye colours, silver and light browns. These colours will bring out your eyes and flatter them. If you have green eyes more 'popping' colours such as orange and electric blue and purple. This will show off your eyes and go well with them. If you have brown eyes you are bes (MORE)

Why do all colors appear grey in dark for your eye?

There are two main types of cells that we use for sight: rods and cones. The cones are what allows us to see color and are further subdivided into different color receptors. However, they do not work well in low light conditions. The rods are better suited for low-light, but can only really picked (MORE)

Why do you use eye shadow?

Some people use eye shadow because: -Their eyes 'pop' when they use the eye shadow colour. -It adds a beautiful colour to their face. -It completes the look ...and more! Hope this helped! x

How do you make eye-shadow?

you will need flour and water and do not forget the ..............food colouring first you will need a bowl tip inmthe flour andwater then add the colur you want ok

What makeup goes with a dark blue dress green eyes and blonde hair?

Add some type of blue eyeshadow that is 3 shades lighter than the dress, and since the dress is dark i would prefer black pencil eyeliner and maybellene mascara. Since your eyes are blue and hair is blonde add a really light and glittery pink blush, with pink lipgloss.

Can a child get brown eyes if parents' eyes are blue and grey?

a child with parents eyes that are blue and grey are more likely to get blue eyes. But it is not impossible that a child with those parents cant get brown eyes. My parents have brown and blue eyes and i got grey. It isn't impossible but quite rare.

What are common ingredients in eye shadow?

Common ingredients in eye shadow include talc, mica, sericite, magnesium stearate, colorants, and various preservatives. Many designer eye shadows make efforts to use fair trade materials and advertise cruelty free methods for obtaining ingredients.

Where can mineral eye shadow be bought?

There are a number of retailers that sell mineral eye shadow. One can purchase this product from 'Eyes Lips Face', 'purminerals', 'Mary Kay' and 'Senna Cosmetics'.