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There are lots of considerations in designing a package. Here are a few of them (not necessarily in order of importance):

1. The package should "suggest" what is inside....with either a photograph or a diagram of the contents.

2. The package should ensure that the contents arrive at its numerous destinations (from factory to warehouse to distributor to retailer to purchaser) without damage.

3. Describe to warehouse staff how the package can be stored, stacked, handled (forklifts, number in stack, which side up, etc.)

4. If possible, the package should be recyclable.

5. The package could be an opportunity for the company to assure the buyer that (s)he has made the correct buying decision. (discourage "buyer remorse")

6. Packaging can provide a colorful, buyer-friendly environment on the store shelf.

7. Multi-lingual descriptive copy on the package should describe in detail what item is inside the package and what that item's features and benefits are

8. The package must (in virtually all jurisdictions) indicate the country of origin, weight, contents, name of manufacturer.

9. Incorporate anti-theft device (bi-metal strip etc.) such as Sensormatic, etc.
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