What famous Italian family lives in Spokane?

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The Bambino Familia Rod and Major, descendent's of Herbert Gabriel Angelo Natele
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What is spokane famous for?

Being Bing Crosby's hometown,Outdoor rec. and some crazy serial killers in the past.It is also the largest city between the twin cities and Seattle.

Is Spokane a good place to live?

A mountain-side metropolis, Spokane Washington has a population of approximately 500,000 and boasts to being the undisputed heart of the Inland Northwest.

What is 'How is the family' in Italian?

Come sta la famiglia is an Italian equivalent of 'How is the family'. The phrase is pronounced 'KOH-may stah lah fah-MEE-lyah'. The adverb 'come' means 'how'. The verb 'st

What is the most famous park in Spokane?

Spokane's most famous park could be one of two parks. The first possibility is Manito Park. Manito Park is a large park in Spokane's beautiful tree-shaded South Hill neighborh

What is 'You and your family' in Italian?

Tu e [ la ] tua famiglia is an Italian equivalent of 'you and your family'. The subject pronoun 'tu' means '[informal singular] you'. The conjunction 'e' means 'and'. T
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How is your family in Italian?

they are not in Italian because because that is a lanugage but they can be in Italy by flying there on a plane or by boat but should know.
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Why should you visit Spokane WA with your family?

There are many fun things to do in Spokane, WA for the entire family. A few examples of activities include bicycling, hiking, and fishing. There are also many cultural activit

Where does the famous kody brown family live?

Kody Brown and his family (four wives and 17 children) live in four homes in the suburbs of Las Vegas, Nevada. The exact location of the homes has been very well protected in
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What aspects is Spokane WA famous for?

Spokane, Washington is known for outdoor recreation. It is also Bing Crosby's hometown. It is the largest city between Seattle and the twin cities in Minnesota.