What file format does kindle for android use?

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Im new to this, but I have an Andoid cell phone with the Kindle App installed on it. The only way I could get it ti recognize ebooks were to convert them to .PRC file format. THen place the files into the Kindle directory on the SD card of my phone.
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What file format does the Amazon Kindle use?

Well, usually .azw for books, but it can also read .txt files and .MOBI files. From Amazon Kindle User's Manual: Supported Formats for Conversion In addition to the file

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Is a kindle an android?

No Kindles are Android except the Kindle Fire, which runs a highly customized version of Android 2.3.

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Is a kindle fire hd an Android?

Yes, but somewhat modified. The basic OS is Android; you call tell because the Amazon App Store's "Kindle Apps" will almost always support other Android devices.