What fish did the old man catch first?

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If a man and a half can catch a fish and a half in a day and a half?

by kishon N. Francis (Grenada) There are two types of answers for this question: 1) The critical thinking way: Where the question don't make sense in physical life. 2) Th

How do you catch a fish for the old man on Skullduggery Island?

At Dragon Cove island, the old man will help you get the Map Piece. Climb onto the floating statue and you will reveal a Mallet. Push the old man to the right, past the giant

How do you help the man catch a fish on Skullduggery Island?

Swim out from the left and stand on the sunken statue. The other end will come up, revealing a Mallet. Push the old man to the right, next to the first barrel. Use the mallet
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How does a trawler man catch fish in deep water?

A trawler is a boat that drags a net behind it to catch whatever fish are there. By using weights and "doors" or "otter boards" (basically heavy angled boards) and dragging it