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McDonald's uses filets from the Hoki fish to make it's Filet-O-Fish. It comes from New Zealand fisheries and is known for its unusual tail and buggy eyes. McDonald's New Zealand reports that more that two million kilograms (4.4 million pounds) of hoki are exported to international McDonald's restaurants every year! It has also been said that health inspectors went on a surprise vist to a McDonlads in Philadelphia and tested the filet of fish. They discovered that 23% of the fish filet was a rare frog-like fish from India only served by the poor.
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it costs $1.40 with out tax last time i checked I dont know where the person above lives but i went yesterday 01/27/12 and ordered one and it was 3.49 plus tax..It will be t

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Give me back that filet o fish Give me that fish Give me back that filet o fish Give me that fish What if it were you Hanging up on this wall? If it were you in that

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When did the filet o fish debut?

Mcdonald's introduced the Filet-o-Fish sandwich in 1962. The sandwich was first sold locally in Cincinnati, by Lou Groen. National roll-out began in 1963 and it was sold chain