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What does the Japanese word Nippon mean?

Nippon means "the sun's origin", which is commonly translated to: "land of the rising sun." This name comes from correspondence by Chinese diplomats with the Chinese imperial

What does make and model mean for a car?

The make of the car is the name of the company that makes it.   The model is the specific name of the car.    For example:   Make = Bentley   Model = Arnage

What are five common types of light bulbs?

incandescent lamp helogen lamp fluorescent lamp led lamp neon lamp

Make a compound word for the word light?

candlelightfloodlightflashlightheadlighthighlightlight bulblighthouselightweightlimelightmoonlightnightlightpenlighttaillightskylightstarlightsunlightspotlightstoplightstreetl

How does a battery make a light bulb glow?

The flow of electrons from the battery flow through the filament in the bulb causing it to get hot and glow thus producing light.

What makes a light bulb light up?

When an incandescent light bulb (the normal round ones that Thomas Edison invented) is placed into a "hot" circuit, (meaning there is electricity flowing through it), the elec

How do you make a light bulb in mine blocks?

I belive you make a redstone torch (like a normal torch, but with redstone instead of coal) and surround it with glass. The game is forever changing, so they may have come up

What elements make a light bulb possible?

  For an element to be eligible for a light bulb, it should be highly malleable and should have a very high melting point. Tungsten is one such element which is extensivel

Can you make a light bulb light with a battery and wire?

yes you can. first of all find a light bulb. Then you get a battery and wire. connect the wire half way to the lens of the battery. it will sting so let go. Then rap the bulb