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What five letter word which is also the make and model for a car is a word for 'nippon light bulb'?

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How does it feel to know that elementary schoolers are writing book reports on your novels?

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What years was the word nippon used on porcelain?

There was a segment on the Antiques Roadshow about porcelain. Their website re-airs all the appraisals. You can search porcelain/Nippon and see what pops up: http://www.pbs.o (MORE)

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What minerals are used to make light bulbs?

Light bulbs are comprised of a number of nonmetallic minerals and metallic minerals, as well as various other periodic gases and nonmineral materials. Many of these minerals a (MORE)

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Review detailed information about the different types of automotive light bulbs available in the many systems throughout the automobile. Discover the differences between old-f (MORE)

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On January 1, 2014, new federal lighting standards will go into effect, phasing out inefficient light bulbs in favor of those that use far less energy and last much longer. Hi (MORE)

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What does the Japanese word Nippon mean?

Nippon means "the sun's origin", which is commonly translated to: "land of the rising sun." This name comes from correspondence by Chinese diplomats with the Chinese imperial (MORE)

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What makes a lemon light a light bulb?

The acidic nature of the lemon juice creates a chemical reaction with lead or another metal inserted into it which causes current to flow in the wire hooked to a low power lam (MORE)

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Make and model of a car that starts with the letter M?

Mahindra Scorpio (Mahindra & Mahindra - India), Marcos, Mark IV (Lincoln), Maserati, Maverick (Ford), Mazda, Mercedes-Benz, Mercury Monterey, Mercury Mountaineer, MINI, Mitsub (MORE)

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How do you make a light bulb light with a lemon?

You would need two sets of electrodes made from two different metals, preferably from opposite ends of the periodic table. You put the electrodes out from each other on the to (MORE)