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What are the procedures of making a light bulb?

1 get a job 2 get your payday 3 go to halfords 4 find a lightbulb 5 buy the lightbulb 6 go home then you have one lightbulb. if you need another one repeat everythig except no

What does the Japanese word Nippon mean?

Nippon means "the sun's origin", which is commonly translated to: "land of the rising sun." This name comes from correspondence by Chinese diplomats with the Chinese imperial

What minerals are used to make light bulbs?

Light bulbs are comprised of a number of nonmetallic minerals and metallic minerals, as well as various other periodic gases and nonmineral materials. Many of these minerals a

What are five common types of light bulbs?

incandescent lamp helogen lamp fluorescent lamp led lamp neon lamp

How do light a light bulb with a car battery?

A car battery normally supplies 12.5 volts at full charge. If the light bulb you are trying to light is a 12 volt bulb then make a connection with the +(positive) battery term

What makes a light bulb light up?

When an incandescent light bulb (the normal round ones that Thomas Edison invented) is placed into a "hot" circuit, (meaning there is electricity flowing through it), the elec

Can a light bulb make you tan?

not the avrage one, but they do have special ones (they are found in tanning beds)

How did the light bulb make life easier?

The light bulb makes life easier because if we still had to use  candles most-likely our houses would catch on fire and because,the  light bulb brightens the whole room.

Make and model of a car that starts with the letter M?

Mahindra Scorpio (Mahindra & Mahindra - India), Marcos, Mark IV (Lincoln), Maserati, Maverick (Ford), Mazda, Mercedes-Benz, Mercury Monterey, Mercury Mountaineer, MINI, Mitsub

How much heat does a light bulb make?

The electrical term Watts is a measure of heat. It is calculated by multiplying amps times volts, but it is still a measure of heat. A 50w light bulb made for 12 volts produc