What five letter word which is also the make and model for a car is a word for 'nippon light bulb'?

Answer Mazda.
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What does the Japanese word Nippon mean?

Nippon means "the sun's origin", which is commonly translated to: "land of the rising sun." This name comes from correspondence by Chinese diplomats with the Chinese imperial (MORE)

How do light a light bulb with a car battery?

A car battery normally supplies 12.5 volts at full charge. If the light bulb you are trying to light is a 12 volt bulb then make a connection with the +(positive) battery term (MORE)

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What five letter words that end with M?

Five (5) letter words that end with M: abeam. abohm. abysm. adeem. agism. alarm. album. algum. aurum. axiom. bedim. begum. besom. bloom. bosom. bream. broom. buxom. carom. ce (MORE)

What kind of light bulbs are in your car?

There are a huge range of car bulbs that vary by application and manufacturer. The best way of locating the correct bulbs is to check your vehicle handbook, or look them up in (MORE)

What Five letter words that end with I?

five (5) letter words:abaci. radii. cocci. cacti. rabbi. aalii. aioli. alibi. benni. bimli. blini. bocci. bolti. chili. coati. corgi. dhoti. elemi. ennui. envoi. fungi. gaddi. (MORE)

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