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What flag has yellow on top blue middle red bottom?

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Colombia if it is plain yellow blue and red but if it a symbol then Ecuador or if it has stars it is Venezuela
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What what does blue and red and yellow make?

Combining the primary colors can make the secondary colors, in varying shades. Blue + red yields purple.Blue + yellow yields green.Red + yellow yields orange. Combining a pri

Blue and yellow flag with Triton?

probably barbados... See related link

Which flag is yellow with a red lion?

Historically by the county of Holland. It is currently used by the province South Holland in The Netherlands. The Royal Scottish banner is similar, except that the lion rampan

Which flag has red green and yellow?

South America: Bolivia, Suriname, Guyana. Africa: Benin, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Guinea, Central African Republic, Mauritius, Ghana, Guinea-Bissau, Ethiopia, Senegal, Togo,

Why is the Ukraine flag yellow and blue?

the ukraine flag is bue and yellow for the yellow reprasenting the golden wheat feilds and the blue for the beatiful sky.
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What does the red blue yellow cable do?

Monster Cables use Blue instead of White for the 2nd audio plug in RCA cables.

What does red blue and yellow flag mean?

Too many to count ! Some of them include: Afganistan, Albania, Algeria, Andorra, Angola..........Romania.... You get the idea. LOTS of them. Depends on whether you mean vertic