What food are there in Monaco?

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In Monaco
There are all types of food in Monaco. There are mostly French and Italian styled foods, as Monaco is heavily influence by both countries.

Facts about monaco?

-monaco has a population of 32,700 -been ruled by the grimaldi family since 13th century -is the second largest country in the world

Is Monaco in France?

Yes and no. Monaco is an independent state, but it is surrounded on 3 sides by France. (the fourth side is the Mediterranean sea).

What is the capital of Monaco?

The capital of The Principality Monaco is Monaco Ville, which isthe small district on top of the Rocher (or Rock). This is wherethe government buildings, parliament and town hall are located.Other well known districts of Monaco are Monte Carlo, famous forits casino and luxury hotels, La Condamine (t (MORE)

Where is Monaco?

It is located to the south east of Fance, on the Mediterranean. Upon the Azure Coast (which consists of the Mediterranean coast of France and of course Monaco). It is nearly surrounded by France (save on the sea side).

What continent is Monaco in?

Monaco is a micro state in Europe. It is on the Mediterranean coast and is surrounded by France. Monaco is part of Europe.

Who are the princesses of Monaco?

The royal family of Monaco, the Grimaldis, currently had Prince Albert on the throne. His parents, Ranier III and Grace Kelly, also had two daughters, Princess Caroline of Hanover and Princess Stephanie of Monaco.

How rich is Monaco?

GDP (PPP) 2007 estimate Total $976 million (?). Per capita $70,670 (€50,000) (Mid Sept. 07 est.)

What is the culture of Monaco?

The culture in Monaco is a mixture between Arab and African. Thisis a modern culture that is very rich. There is a lot of money inthis country.

Who is Kelly Monaco?

Kelly Monaco is an American model, actress, reality television contestant and winner of Dancing with the Stars in Season 1. Since 2003, she has played the character of Sam McCall on General Hospital .

Who owns Monaco?

France The Prince of Monaco would be a little shocked to hear that ! -He thinks his country is independent !

What is Monaco famous for?

Monaco is famous for being one of the few places in the world that does not charge an income tax. It is home to some of the richest people in the world, as a result. Monaco is also where the famous Monte Carlo Casino is located. They have the famous Princess Grace Rose Gardens, great Formula One Rac (MORE)

Where is the Prince of Monaco?

His Higness, Albert II, of the Grimaldi family. Albert I was an oceanographer who went on whaling expeditions, sometimes called ( jocularily) The Prince of Whales!. His Higness, Albert II, of the Grimaldi family. Albert I was an oceanographer who went on whaling expeditions, sometimes called ( jocu (MORE)

Who is the ruler of Monaco?

The Sa Hauteur Royale of Monaco is Prince Albert. His full name isPrince Albert Alexandre Louis Pierre Grimaldi II. Even though histitle is as prince, Prince Albert is actually the King, but Monacois a Constitutional Monarch.

What is there to do in Monaco?

People can visit beaches and casinos in Monaco. There is also aformula one grand prix track that has races every year.

What is the climate in Monaco?

Monaco has a mild climate throughout the year, the hottest months being July and August, and the coolest being January and February. Rain mostly falls during the cooler winter months and there is an average of only 60 days' rain per year.

What can you do in Monaco?

You can go into many casinos and gamble, you can eat in great restaurants, you can look for celebrities, you can visit great museums.

Is Monaco landlocked?

monaco is not landlocked. France occupies three sides and the fourth opens up to Mediterranean Sea.

Traditional food in Monaco?

There isn't really that much traditional food in Monaco. Monaco is mostly surrounded by France and is heavily influenced by French culture; Monaco also lies near the Italy and has been mildly influenced by Italian culture as well. So traditional food in Monaco would be French or Italian cuisine.

Who is famous in Monaco?

Princess Grace, formerly the actress, Grace Kelly. Also professional basketball player Lebron James was born inMonaco. Darrel Muensevang slapped a hooker there

Is Monaco a country?

Monaco is a principality. (in other words, a small country ruled bya hereditary prince )

Who found Monaco?

Monaco has been an entity since the Middle Ages. It's impossible tosay who exactly 'found' it.

Are there mountaians in Monaco?

The highest point in Monaco is 163 metres (or 535 US feet) above sea level. Guess it depends on your definition of "mountain"...

What to see in Monaco?

1. The Casino It costs 10 Euro to get in but is magnificent inside. And if you're lucky like me you can win back the entry fee on the roulette table ;) 2. The Prince's Palace, the Oceanographic Museum and the Old Town Walk up the ramp to the top of "the Rock". Watch the changing of the guard for (MORE)

What is cool about Monaco?

Monaco is a romantic place witch is beautiful and is peace. Some celebrities go there. They have the music awards there

What capital is Monaco in?

It's its own country, a principality. It's an indepentent city-state of France. Monaco's capital and largest city is Monte-Carlo.

When was Monaco founded?

History records the first "founding" of Monaco in 1245. There are conflicting later in time dates for the answer to this question. Many people claim a date closer to 1419. As this tiny country has been ruled by the current "royal family" as a Constitutional Monarchy, founding dates are not reliable (MORE)

Monaco is in Spain?

Monaco is NOT in Spain . It borders France on the south, but is NOT in France, it is a separate country.

Where are the Vatican and Monaco?

The Vatican is an independent city-state surrounded completely byRome and Italy. Monaco is an independent principality surrounded byFrance on three sides and the Mediterranean on the other. Both arelocated in Europe.

Where is the Monaco speedway?

The Principality of Monaco is a country about the size of a postage stamp on the south of France Each year they close off some streets for the Grand Prix. There is no "Speedway"

Is there an airport in Monaco?

No there's no airport in Monaco. The closest airport from Monaco is in Nice. There's a helipad. You can fly from Nice to Monaco by a helicopter.

What is a Monaco?

There is a very small country called Monaco. There is a very popular American car, the Dodge Monaco. There is a motorhome named Monaco.

What is casino in Monaco?

A Casino is a place where you can play many games of skill and chance, various card games, roulette, etc.

What is the tribes of Monaco?

The people are known as 'Monegasque'. - and have their own language, but the commonest languages spoken are French, Italian and English

Who is the Pope of Monaco?

There is no Pope specifically for Monaco, or any other single country. Pope Francis (2013) is the Roman Catholic Pope and Catholics in Monaco, and elsewhere, recognize him as the leader of their religion.

What is the altitude of monaco?

The tallest point in Monaco is 161 meters while the lowest is sea level. So, the average elevation of Monaco is sea level (0 meters).

What is the most famous food in Monaco?

Monaco is aplace as famed for its restaurants as its casinos, sothere is lots of excellent and much loved food. When I was lastthere my favorites were Stocafi and Barbaguian, basically a stewedcod fillet in sauce and a tasty pasty.

What to do in Monaco?

There are many things to see in Monaco, an excellent Oceanographic Museum, a large museum of anthropology, Museum of Napoleonic souvenirs, the Prince's magnificent auto collection, art galleries and many other sights.

Who is Lisa Monaco?

Lisa Oudens Monaco is an American federal prosecutor who currentlyserves as the Assistant to the President for Homeland