What food increases hemoglobin content?

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Any food that contains iron and the existence of Vitamin C will increase hemoglobin. Foods such as any animal source (meat) and some vegetables usually dark leafy veges., raisins, molasses and eggs contain iron which makes hemoglobin. The body is very complicated in maintaining homeostatsis so increasing these foods does not necessarily mean hemoglobin will increase. it depends on the need for hemoglobin and how the body metabolizes these sources and the existence of disease processes in the body.
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How do you increase hemoglobin?

Answer 1: You can increase hemoglobin by eating green vegtables, fruits, red meats etc. that are rich in iron. The reason this increases hemoglobin is because the main oxyge

What Food will increase hemoglobin level in diabetic?

To increase hemoglobin levels in the body, you should eat plenty offoods that are rich in iron. A type of food that will increase thehemoglobin level in a diabetic person is d

How to increase hemoglobin?

Eat iron rich food like leafy vegetables like 'palak' and fruit juice specially citric fruit and pomagranate juice and 'chukandar' too. Other ways to increase your hemoglob

What food increase hemoglobin?

hemoglobin is made up of haem(iron)+globin(Protein). the food which contain much iron and protein increase hb.

Why hemoglobin increases?

It may increae in diseases such as polycythemia vera and chronic obstructive lung disease.it may also increase in chronic smokers and individuals who engage in regular vigorou

Which vegetarian foods increase hemoglobin levels?

Dried fruits . prunes . raisins . apricots Legumes . soybeans . dried beans and peas . kidney beans Seeds . almonds . Brazil nuts Vegetables . brocco

Which foods increase the hemoglobin?

Foods that are rich in Iron such as seafoods, chicken, liver, beef, red meat, turkey, fish,and pork. Eggs, dark vegetables, green leaves, dried fruits, nuts and beans are only
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What does an increase in hemoglobin do?

A minor increase in hemoglobin helps the blood carry oxygen better. This is common and a normal accommodation in people that live at high altitude. An excessive increase in